These Vintage Mugshots Prove No One Is Glamorous Anymore

Nowadays, when people get arrested, it’s usually for bath salts. Rather, bath salts-induced violence. As much as TheGloss‘ editors live for bath salts stories, we have to say that the stricken, overwhelmed mugshots have become a little monotonous. Anyway, Least Wanted uncovered a trove of delightful retro mugshots and–surprise!–everyone is dressed to the nines. They may not be eating people or running from electricity, but they all have their hair just so.

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    • Ali

      I’m from Minneapolis, MN and had no idea we had such glamorous criminals!

    • Vanessa F.

      I love how you see the lady from Slide 9 growing her hair out of a period of time!!!!

    • JennySue Makeup

      this is a hilarious post!! love all of the winged liner and sprayed hair:) every time i look at old pics of my mom and dad from the 50′s & 60′s i realize that no one today even compares to how put together and glamorous people used to dress. kinda sad.

    • MM

      1, 4 and 5 are total babes (5 looks like she’s on drugs though)

    • Meghan Keane

      The second one has a serious Martha Plimpton thing going on. Also, I would gladly watch a movie about/starring #5.

    • eJean1981

      People just used to dress better. All the time. I remember when white gloves were standard.