How Well Is Lindsay Lohan Channeling Liz Taylor?

lindsay lohan elizabeth taylor

Are you still trying to figure out how much Lindsay Lohan looks like Elizabeth Taylor? Let’s look at some of these pictures of Lindsay Lohan in The Daily Mail from her upcoming film, Liz and Dick,  and compare them directly. (We can look forward to 117 costume changes throughout the 88-minute-long film).

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    • bluebevyj

      also…is it just me, or do LiLo’s feet look MONSTROUS in the last slide? Sling backs are not her friends. I repeat….

      • Lindsay

        I was thinking the EXACT same thing!

    • maggie

      looks more like a halloween get up than channeling…liz taylor is rolling in her grave!

    • kjon

      Although I have a soft spot for Lilo, I can’t say I’m 100% about this. She doesn’t quite have that “thing” that Liz had – like an enigmatic quality or something. Can’t put my finger on it but Lilo is not it.

    • Fabel

      I think she’s pulling it off. The eyebrows look good & this might sound weird, but their tits are similiar-looking?

      Also, this is a way better look for her than Marylin Monroe.

    • porkchop

      I don’t like it. I’m a fan of LiLo! But look at Taylor. Her hair and makeup are so elaborate, yet look so natural. Also, Lindsey would probably have to live a thousand years to be as sophisticated as Elizabeth Taylor. Also, their brands of sultriness are so different.

    • Amy

      I’m actually shocked at how great she looks, but couldn’t they get a better quality wig? It looks too wiggy and that’s what draws my attention.