• Thu, Jun 14 2012

Rihanna Is A Size 0 And She’s “Not Happy About It”

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/WireImage.com (via Us Weekly)

Rihanna has recently been the target of some nasty rumors about her out-of-control partying, what with that post-Met Gala hospitalization and all the illicit Coachella photos floating around. Add to that the photo she tweeted of her arm as she received the so-called “party girl drip” and now people are asking about her weight loss.

The singer admits she’s been a little rough on herself, chalking up the weight loss to her touring and filming (“My schedule is crazy!”), which is the oft-cited reason for many a dramatic Hollywood weight loss. She adds:

“I’m a size 0 — and not happy about it! I went way too far. I prefer myself a bit chunkier. I want my old butt back!”

We wonder if this unhappiness with her figure will influence her busy “getting naked all the time” schedule.

(Us Weekly)

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  • Nancy

    A bit chunkier.

    More than a size zero, is a bit chunkier.

  • Cee

    Shes always naked to show us how unhappy she is with her “unchuncky busy” body

  • lucygoosey74

    I’d be more than happy to give her some of my size 9 chunk..particularly from my stomach region. Not from my boobs though, I like that chunk.

  • Jinx

    I don’t get the point of this article. You’re not happy if someone wants to be size 0 and not happy if someone DOESN’T want to be size 0?

    I’m not a Rihanna fan but she should be allowed to walk around half-naked even if she’s not 100% happy with her body.