The Worst Things About The 1st Day Of My Water Fast

This is cake from Ruthy's at the Chelsea Market

The hardest thing about the first day of my water fast was absolutely everything.

That said: no fainting. You obviously get hungry, but you can sort of wait it out hunger pangs for half an hour and they go away. And wow, do you ever sleep well (but then I normally drink a lot of caffeine). My skin also looks unusually good, probably because I’m ridiculously hydrated.

That said, I spent a lot of the day having this exchange with Ashley:

Me: Can I have coffee?

Ashley: No.

Me: A commenter said I could.

Ashley: No, that is the opposite of true.

Me: Why not?

Ashley: Because you’re on a water fast and that is not water.

Me: What about Diet Coke?

Ashley: No. That is not water, either.

Me: It is the water of the Gods.

Me: Could I have coconut water?

Just that, all day. Look, if you want to try this weird experiment (and I think it’s worth pointing out that this is not a weight loss solution, because any weight you lose you will gain back when you go on solids again) do it when you can just be home and sleep and not really do much. The hardest part, really, was the fact that I had to go to a work and then go out again in the evening. Nopt because I was tired, because there was food around everyplace. That said, I wasn’t really exhausted or weak, which I expected to be. Supposedly that has to do with not drinking things like coffee or Diet Coke which signal to the body that food is coming. So, despite my desperate desire to drink delicious coconut water, I can see why that’s not a great idea.

The hardest moments of the day day are below. These things were awful nightmare things that just hit me in the face with their awful nightmarishness.

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      It’s true; we had that exchange approximately every 15 minutes.

    • Sarah!

      Whoa, what’s happening here? You only consume water? For how long??

      • Sarah!

        Never mind, I found the original article. People are pretty pissed at you for doing this!!

    • Emily

      This is the stupidest shit ever. A “water fast”? Is just a fast. And fasts have been repeatedly proven ineffective, if not dangerous. I have no idea why this is a thing or why this website would call attention to it. I’m not here for thinspo.

      • Jennifer Wright

        A water fast is a particularly extreme kind of fast (which makes it oddly interesting to me?) Juice fasts, or fasts involving tea, or honey, are also oftened considered “fasts.” Here is another interesting article citing some of the health benefits to periodic fasting:

    • Jinx

      Not eating for 3 days would make my list of Top 3 Worst Ideas Ever. Really trying not to judge you for doing this (I thought you were cool!) but hey it’s your body and your choice what to do with it.

    • ikea

      I think this is an interesting experiment. If “Loss of excess weight” wasn’t in your first post, I’m guessing the negative response would have been much less.

      Reading the wikipedia article on fasting that you cited before, it kind of seems to advocate “caloric restriction” more than fasting. I don’t think there’s anything fasting can do that is better than simply eating well and staying fit.

      Watch this! He goes through how your metabolism works and touches on a lot of things that pro-fasting people use to claim how great fasting is… He never advocates fasting, however. As you will see, any of the benefits of fasting can be achieved without fasting at all.

    • MR

      You know the stock market performed really well when you were on it. It’s a good thing the polls in Greece were almost closed before it ended. :)

    • Jessica

      I’m pretty sure the ‘cookies’ are blood pudding.

    • Anna

      I really think people enjoy being outraged. It is a shame that your mention of weightloss was able to cause so much anger when you tried to stress your intent was not weightloss and fasts are not good for weightlosd.