Pick Of The Week: All Rompers Everything

How do I love rompers? Let me count the ways. Much like Jennifer, I dislike having to place more than one article of clothing upon my person in the morning. But unlike Jennifer, I love rompers, because I ride a bike around and climb up ladders to rooftops and dance on inappropriate surfaces and occasionally, get drunk and fall over, which are all things it’s better to do in a romper than a dress. Also, they’re versatile and flattering and possibly even sexy, provided you don’t get one that makes you look like a giant baby. Here are ten excellent rompers that I’ve found for you to consider purchasing this summer.

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    • BeccaTheCyborg

      I was 100% absolutely no exceptions anti-romper until I saw that checked one. The striped one is also cute, in that it makes me think of old timey bathing suits, which I love.

      What the fuck. You have slightly converted me.

    • Jinx

      I was anti-romper too but damn you look really good in the cutout romper! You have an incredible body.

      I love the Sierra romper too :)

    • Hannah

      I have a onesie (that’s what I call them) in a style kind of like the Sierra one and I love it because it looks like a dress but with the practicality of shorts! I plan on wearing it tonight

    • mm

      rompers are grossssss wear booty shorts under your dress if you’re convinced you need to climb fences =(

    • Fabel

      Some women can pull them off (you look great in yours) but for some reason, rompers look universally awful on my body. I’ll try one on every once in a while & it always winds up with me saying “Oh, right. These look terrible on me.” I wish they didn’t though, because I’m a fan of not having to match two peices of an outfit.