Father’s Day: 10 Things My Dad Taught Me About Fashion, Life And Love

I actually covered this topic briefly for our sister site, TheGrindstone last year, but since it’s another Father’s Day and you truly can’t cover everything the man gave you in one single post, I thought I’d go for round two. I also thought it might make my dad’s day since he’s “all the way up” in NH and I’m down here in New Jack City, as he insists upon calling it.

My father is one of the most important people in my life, if not the most important. As I’ve become an adult, I’ve realized that there really isn’t anything I can’t tell him. No matter what I do or say, or the choices I make, he always has my back; and since we’re pretty much two peas in a pod so to speak, it makes me feel less alone in knowing that there is an equally dramatic and crazy person out there in the world who just happens to be my dad… although I guess genetically, that makes sense.

I haven’t spent Father’s Day with my father since I moved to NYC; nor have I spent his birthday with him either. Granted, we make up for it when the family gets together, but I know it would be extra special if I could actually be there on these days. Instead, all I can do at this point is send him a bizarre card that only he’ll understand and write a post that simply says: “Thank you, Dad, for everything you’ve given me and taught me. I may not be the greatest human being in the world, but thanks to you, I’m exactly where I want to be.”

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    • kjon

      That was so sweet! Your family seems awesome (except maybe your aunt? ;).

      • Amanda Chatel

        Oh yeah… that aunt of mine is the evil one of the bunch. Argh.

      • kjon

        I understand. I also have an evil aunt that I talked about in that post. Greedy bitch.

    • Tania

      Sometimes I’ll read “Ask Reddit” threads where people will talk about how horrible their families are, and it makes me so grateful for mine.

      My brother and sister’s dad is a piece of shit, to put it nicely, and he married a sociopath, so those poor kids don’t have the great dad that I do.

      They think my dad is awesome, though, and our mom’s boyfriend is great with them, too.

    • MR

      Well at least the Red Sox won for him on the day. Man, I feel like I’m rooting for the Expos just before they vacated Montreal for DC. It’s slow pain. :)