Courtney Stodden Is Imitating Marilyn Monroe – And Celebrities Who Did It Better

courtney stodden marilyn monroe

Why is Courtney Stodden doing Diamonds are A Girl’s Best friend in a skin tight, hot pink tube dress? WHY IS SHE RUINING IT? Moreover, why does every celebrity feel a need to mimic the naked Marilyn Monroe shot by Bert Stern?

This shot:

marilyn monroe last sitting

Do you realize how many people have done this, Courtney? Do you? We can show you other celebrities doing nude, gauzy Marilyn below. And Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend versions of Marilyn! Here. Let’s all look at them together. Actually. Wait. Let’s watch Courtney Stodden’s Marilyn Monroe Tribute and then look at them. Stripper shoes ahead!

Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern via NowPublic

All others from @courtneystodden

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    • Lastango

      “…gnawing on some gauze like a labradoodle.”

      Good thing I didn’t read that with a mouthful of cornflakes, or I’d be blaming you for the mess!

      Why do they all do the Marilyn thing? Dunno. Maybe because she was desirable.

      And because she had the very best kind of fame – elemental, compelling, and flowing unstoppably from her being.

    • Alexis H

      As detestable as I find Courtney Stodden and as much as I hate the idea of giving in to her burning desire for Z-list stardom, I have to admit that I can’t get enough of slideshows like these. Keep those barely legal(?) cheesecake videos coming!

      And yeah, the labradoodle caption was tops.

    • kjon

      Quelle Surprise! Where’s the armband? You know, her LIFE FORCE??!

      • Alexis H

        OH MY GOD, YOU’RE RIGHT! Thank you for noticing this. She was obviously going for the highest level of authenticity when she chose to omit it. Maybe the lucite shoes will manage to sustain her in a pinch?

      • Jennifer Wright


      • Lo

        Lucite life force sidearm is the funniest thing I’ve read today.

    • Sarah

      I admit an addiction to these Stodden articles/slideshows, but what the helll did I just watch. I don’t even.

    • Ally

      Ah yes, I remember Marilyn’s penchant for stripper heels.

    • Kj


      Neural death aside, a couple random things:

      I think that Marilyn’s sexiness came from how very natural it seemed – she was very sensual, but very innocent at the same time, and a ridiculous porn star wannabee like Stodden has a snowball’s chance in hell of being able to imitate that, especially since Monroe’s very appeal was the effortlessness of her sexuality.

      Like, the original Bert Stern shot is not particularly revealing – yeah, there’s a nipple, but it’s still super sexy because it’s suggestive but not OMG LOOK AT MY BREASTS.

      So basically, Stodden should try some other role models closer to her style – say – Pam Anderson.

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      • Kj

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    • MMF

    • Kate

      You can’t play sexy by rolling yourself in a fitted sheet

    • Heaven help us all

      As much as I enjoy a good trainwreck now and then, Courtney is getting rather boring. Her Marylin is downright cringeworthy. Can her tribute to Mae West be far behind? Sad, sad, sad.

      • Alexis H

        I think you’re giving her way too much credit to think she knows who Mae West is. MAYBE Bettie Page is next, because that poor girl hasn’t been re-done enough times. MAYBE.