• Mon, Jun 18 2012

Kate Middleton Goes Camping: Some Photos

Kate Middleton always seems a little more comfortable when she’s doing something sporty spice, like playing field hockey or, like she did over the weekend, going camping. Kate hit up a campsite with a group of eight and nine-year-old kids who are part of a charity backed by Prince William and Prince Harry, and she looked totally at ease. Here’s how it went:

Photos by WENN via New York Daily News; Getty via Huffington Post

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  • Outshined

    Best Princess ever.

  • Megan

    more like “no thanks, I can’t have any s’mores if I want to keep my stick thin frame”

    • Maria


      Seriously, just stop commenting on other people’s body shapes like that. It makes you sound stupid.

  • Jen

    I wish I could afford to look that good camping.