Karlie Kloss’ Latest Vogue Editorial, In Ascending Order Of How Uncomfortable It Makes Me

The July issue of Vogue contains an editorial—starring Karlie Kloss—that makes me all kinds of uncomfortable. And I mean that literally. In addition to utilizing some questionable racial tropes, it puts Kloss in several positions that look to be physically uncomfortable as well. Sometimes, it even combines the two! Here’s the complete editorial, arranged in ascending order of how uncomfortable it makes me.

(Photos by Mario Testino)

(Via Fashion Scans Remastered)

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    • Bet

      As a Spanish person I think you might not know it but you are the racist one… slide 5 does not represent Spanish culture at all, maybe the decoration of a TV set trying to mimic Spain in the 1920′s. And the main point: Frida Kahlo was half Hungarian… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frida_Kahlo
      By the way, calling mexicans “brown” is really offensive and not representative of the really different heritages that happen there.

      • Kj

        What she said.

    • Kj

      I think you’re pretty off the mark here, Peck.

      FYI, the Brazilians that are “tumbling” for her in the picture are actually participating in a roda de capoeira. (Capoeira, the afro-brazilian martial art? Maybe you’ve heard of it?) Her kicking over the guy’s head is part of the “game” or fight, and I think that it’s pretty legit that they included a picture of this, since it’s kind of a big deal in the state of Bahia. FYI people of all colours can do capoeira.

      Aside from the fact that I am annoyed that of course they had to include a friggin’ nude picture of Kloss – because it’s not a proper Karlie Kloss editorial unless she naked in at least one picture – I think it’s one of the most beautiful editorials I have ever seen. I am absolutely in love with the Kahloesque photo and for once like almost all the clothes they are showing.

      More than anything, though, I am super psyched to see Bahia featured because I am OBSESSED with Brazilian culture and super jealous that she got to go to Bahia.

      • Jamie Peck

        Thanks for pointing that out. I’m sorry I didn’t identify the capoeira correctly! I agree that it’s a beautiful editorial that doesn’t have any malicious intent, but it still makes me uncomfortable for the aforementioned reasons. I think maybe because so many other editorials have appropriated other cultures in blatantly racist ways, it’s hard not to think of them whenever I see an image that might be kind of, sort of, going that way.

    • Nancy

      Wow, these photos are absolutely beautiful!

    • Sugar

      Not to mention Mario Testino is Peruvian… I mean, if anyone were to be offended, you’d think it would be a fellow South American.

      Seems silly to get offended on behalf of others. Specifically a group to which you don’t belong.