Photoshop Of Horrors: Emma Stone Loses Her Hand In Vogue

Just when I started to applaud Vogue for the July issue’s very lovely Emma Stone cover, I realized you can’t clap with ONLY ONE HAND! Either Stone’s dainty left wrist is hidden as she scratches her butt or she has lost her hand in a very flamboyant newsboy-type accident.

Either way, the rest of the Mario Testino shoot makes the new Spider Man leading lady look beautifully slinky and freckled with all appendages intact. Check out the rest of Stone’s Vogue photo shoot here.

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    • Megan

      Um, you can tell her hand is just behind her back…Although you do have to look for it.

    • Sébastien

      Just Marketing.

    • Cynthia


    • Kj

      Judging by Emma’s expression there, she feels the same way about that fuglious outfit as I do.


    • Lemona

      I like the outfit. I like any outfit that can say “I’m a Dickensian orphan who robs people of their many-colored dream coats.”

      But –why reinforce the age-old prejudice against left hands? Not cool, Testino.