Which Guy On ‘Girls’ Is Worst? SPOILERS.


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Well, there was a season finale, and I guess that wrapped that up. If you missed it – Everyone is terrible! Marnie ate cake out of her own hand! Oh, and Jessa married that weird dude who yelled at her and Marnie for spilling wine on his rug. Adam got hit by a car because he was standing in the street while he was yelling at Hannah for being tentative about his moving in. And Hannah is scared of everything so she fell asleep on the subway and ended up in Coney Island where a group of people on a roof yelled at her.

Yes. That’s what happened. SO. NOW. Let us discuss which male character on the show was the absolute worst.

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    • Meghan Keane

      What about Michael Imperioli, Hanna’s creepy ex-teacher? I know he didn’t actually try to sleep with her, but I felt like it was heavily implied, because he was so creepy. And I liked him the least, even though he was mostly just supportive and encouraging. Man this show turns feelings upside down.

    • meg

      i actually like a lot of the male characters on the show, as they are just as flawed as the girls. i think that’s why the show is so polarizing – there are so many reasons to hate them but so many redeeming qualities about them, that make me think of my early 20′s and the earnestness with which i made my mistakes.

      but i do disagree on the charlie thing – i wouldn’t touch that wienie with a 10 foot pole. i preferred tattoos and angst when i was that age.

    • Dara

      You didn’t find the slim leg comment hilarious? Hanna shouldn’t have showed up in a dress, after all. I agree that Ray is definitely an asshole but I feel without him a lot of what makes these people terrible would never come out. Charlie deserved better, but he also needed to man up and deal with the situation sooner.

      Is it terrible that I can never remember any of the characters names? None of them are interesting enough.