Kate Upton Wears Bikini, Suggestively Consumes Popsicle For GQ

Kate Upton‘s natural habitat is the bikini. GQ asked her to wear some (and take some off or exchange them for croptops) as part for their July feature. That’s Upton’s cover up there, sans type, and you can guess from the amount of breasts and tired phallic symbolism that it’s the work of Terry Richardson.

Here’s a slightly NSFW second shot from the shoot but you can see the rest at GQ:

(Photos by Terry Richardson via GQ)

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    • Jon

      yes, she is chubby but with breasts like those, I am starting to care less and less about her weight

    • MR

      One of my college buddies had a brother we used to call GQ – yeah, it was a joke amongst hippies. She looks ridiculous.

    • Bry

      Ashley, you may find the “phallic symbolism” “tired”, but that’s because you have a vagina. Even as an intellectual man, I don’t tire of seeing buxom young blondes sucking on popsicles. This photoshoot was not created for your benefit, hon’.