• Tue, Jun 19 2012

I Redeemed My Biggest Regret – I Met A Celebrity. And Talked To Them!

And you guys, he was so nice!! He wouldn’t tell me whether or not he was engaged to Emily, even though I really felt like we were on that level. Other than that he was the bomb. Apparently ABC will take your first born if you blab to the press. I don’t want Chris Harrison hunting me down because I know too much.

He even took this photo with me! Do you see how pure joy is literally oozing from it?

By “pure joy” I mean that he is humoring me while I am experiencing more happiness than I ever knew was possible. Obviously I still miss my not-best-friend Drake, but I think everyone can be inspired by my bravery here. Not only did I talk to someone famous, but I overcame my superficiality to do it with no make up on. Go me! Let’s all follow in my courageous footsteps and redeem ourselves this week.

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  • Jamie

    I’m kind of dissapointed. I thought it was gonna be a real celebrity. I had no idea who that guy was.

  • Robin

    Me too.

  • Jenni

    I make dreams come true. I’m so proud of you friend! Love Arie!