What’s A Good Reason To Quit Your Job?

Infamous “beauty and health critic” Cat Marnell quit her post at xoJane this week to pursue “[being] on the rooftop of Le Bain looking for shooting stars and smoking angel dust with my friends” (also a book deal). Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff acknowledge the romantic sentiment but question the whole quitting/PCP aspect. So, is this a particularly bad reason to quit your job? Or… are all of them bad? Also, when did PCP become a party drug? These, and other serious questions ahead.

(Photo via xoJane)

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    • Maggie

      I’m totally with you guys, not having a job would be terrible! I was only working part-time for the first 4 months after I graduated from university, and I went stir-crazy. I was actually washing the tile floors with a toothbrush, because I had nothing else to do. My life/ADD needs structure and a schedule!

    • MM

      Are all the hip young things in New York really doing PCP?? It seems like such a 1980s (and awful) drug to me

      • Jamie Peck

        I’ve never seen anyone smoke PCP, and I hang out around a lot of drugs. But it’s true I don’t go to The Standard (or anywhere in Manhattan, really).

      • Fabel

        I have seen exactly one person on PCP, on numerous occassions, but have also seen the same person NOT on PCP. Usually, there just appears to something wrong, but I can’t quite figure out what it is (or what drug he’s on) until I’m informed by a 3rd party “he’s on dust” or whatever.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I’d really like to know what PCP stands for, but won’t look it up because Ashley already covered that Wikipedia can be wrong.

      • Ashley Cardiff


      • Amanda Chatel

        That doesn’t make any sense! There’s only one P in that word!

      • MM

        PCP is from the long name! Which, according to the trust-at-your-own-risk Wikipedia, is 1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl)piperidine.

    • Jamie Peck

      This Cat Marnell person has me feeling so many feelings, most of them negative. Reading her stuff is like a roller coaster ride of amusement, anger, pity, and sadness. I think I should have waited a little longer before writing my post on her.

      That said, I do not think I need to have a job to be happy. I need to have something I care about and work at, but those two aren’t necessarily the same thing.

      • Naomi

        I’ve read a few of her articles. She’s not dumb. She’s got the remnants of a pretty good brain in there. She can write and occasionally stumbles over a few instances of profound insight.

        She’s a pretty thin white blonde young girl who comes from money, and she couldn’t be more ungrateful for her life. As a result, I kinda want to beat the hell out of her.

      • Jamie Peck

        I think the thing that makes me the angriest at Cat is that she is actually smart and talented. It would be easy to write her off as a dumb trust fund loser if her writing sucked, but liking her writing makes me feel like I have some sort of personal stake in her getting clean and writing her own stuff instead of letting her various addictions write it for her.

      • Naomi

        It’s a tricky weird proposition.

        It seems like she’s been on drugs for so long that she may honestly not HAVE anything beneath the altered haze of the substance abuse. Speaking from personal experience, drug addicts become intellectually and emotionally arrested in such a way that once the addiction starts, wherever they are at the time is sort of where they stay until they manage to get clean and STAY clean for an extended period of time.

        That being said, I hope that she can eventually get well and figure out who she actually is. It saddens me to see this smart girl who is so f*cked up, but not even as f*cked up as she WANTS to be.

    • Cee

      Isn’t she some sort of privileged/trust fund child? “Who needs a job when I can be the next Paris Hiiilltoon” I mean that’s what she really is, rich, white, thin, blonde, stupid, probably 30 and still partying with 20 year olds who wear those hippy forehead headbands that listen to Skrillex.

    • Fabel

      If I had an endless whirl of things to do, a trust fund, and a ton of drugs (besides angel dust…) I’m pretty sure I could entertain myself for a while. There would definitely low points of “OHMYGOD what am I DOING with my LIIIIFE” though, which is why I’d probably just stick with working.

    • Meg

      Ashley, the fact that you would lie in a pool pondering Lucretius – of all people! – makes you awesome. Other reasons too, but that is a big one.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        But it’s also why I can’t have a trust fund!

      • Jennifer Wright

        I like to think that if you did this, I could quit my job and devote my time to yelling at you to get out of the fucking pool. I mean, have we even considered this?

    • taylor

      you guys are pretty cunty

      • Naomi

        New to the site, huh?

      • bean

        What, exactly, was cunty about this?

      • kjon

        Wow, uhm… gross.

        I bet you feel so cute saying that for seemingly no reason! Yay internets!!!

      • Jennifer Wright


        We lack the warmth and depth.

      • NotThumper

        Jennifer, with that response you are my new hero! I just laughed so hard-totally just made my night. :)

      • Jennifer Wright

        I have been waiting to pull that out FOR YEARS. It belongs to you, now. Go, run with it.

      • Tobi

        But you actually used the word “cunty” as a crappy insult? Ugh. Look in the mirror.

    • Eliza

      Jennifer, you totally get me! I have been on a break from work and also feel “relaxation is very stressful.” No one understands – it is so nice to know someone else feels the same way.

    • Jujubee

      So what. She’s a terrible writer.

    • Eagle Eye

      Ugh, I was unemployed for a while after I graduated from college (2009 was the wrong year to graduate with a useless liberal arts degree) and it was the most depressed I’ve ever been, in fact, after that I got a job that wasn’t terribly interesting and I was only a little less depressed, it was only actually going to grad school and getting really busy and super stressed that I finally started to be really happy again.

      I think that I need my head checked…

    • Lindsey

      I just quit my job because one of my managers was constantly belittling me. I figured the stress of seeing him through the week was not worth a summer job. I feel so lazy, though. Maybe I should be doing drugs on roofs? Is that a good thing to do with my time?

    • Kj

      Haven’t even read the slideshow, but have to say that you are AWESOME for using that picture as a header. Seriously. I hope her creamy unibrow is up there for all time.