Kim Kardashian Asked Her Mother For Birth Control At 14 – Too Young?

kim kardashian

Were you one of those kids who had an uncomfortable conversation with your mother about getting birth  control in high school? Kim Kardashian was one of those kids!

According to TheFrisky, On Oprah’s Next Chapter (Oprah has a next chapter? I thought we bell, book and candled that) Kim Kardashain stated that she asked Kris to put her on birth control when she was just 14. Apparently she said that she felt she was ready to have sex, and then Kris went and got her birth control.


I remember when I was 15 I was visiting a friend’s house and her mother mentioned that thre were condoms on top of the refrigerator in case we ever needed them. First off – on top of the refrigerator is a weird place to store condoms, I think. And it occurred to me, at the time, to say “we are on the debate club. We just want to go over some policy arguments, and make fun of those Lincoln/Douglas kids. That may be a long way off, that stealing condoms off your refrigerator thing, lady.”

And then I asked my mother to set me up with a gynecologist appointment for birth control when I was 18. That is my story. So, I was not keeping up with Kim, there.

Pic via TheFrisky

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    • Lila

      My mom actually encouraged me to go on it at 15 because I kept getting really painful ovarian cysts and she was sick of rushing me to the ER thinking it was appendicitis. Ironically, I didn’t start having sex for another 5 years.

    • Eileen

      Yeah, that’s a little young. Not that I didn’t know people who were sexually active at that age, but they all regretted it by the time they were, like, 15.

      I strictly used condoms until not that long ago and got STI testing at the student health center. When I did decide I wanted something more, I was able to get a referral for a doctor, call the doctor, make an appointment, and have an informed conversation about the different forms of birth control, the relative effectiveness, and the potential side effects. And all of this without my mom. I may not have kept up with the Kardashians, but somehow, I feel a little ahead.

    • L.A.

      Yup, too young. I mean…I’d do it, of course. A 14 year old asks for something to keep her safe/unimpregnated and you do it, knowing you’ll never be able to talk her out of sex if she’s decided that’s what she wants. But I’d insist on opening a whole line of communication in that regard. Why do you want to have sex? What’s your rush? You will have YEARS to make bad decisions about that later, why start now? There are very few, if any, 14 year olds for whom having sex would be a good idea. Does this make me a prude?

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      I was actually sexually active before that age, but I was with a girl, so BC wasn’t a worry. (Also, zero regrets, and we’re still friends.) If Kim decided she was ready at 14, and asked, it would be insane and shitty to not allow her to be responsible for her health, regardless of one’s thoughts on the matter.

    • Raerae

      I was put on BC at 15 by my doctor (with my mother’s approval) to regulate cystic acne on my chin. It helped wonders with my acne and when I was ready to have sex a year later, I didn’t have to worry about pregnancy.
      If I ever have a daughter (God forbid), she will be put on birth control at 15 too. I don’t want to raise no grandbabies.. Not until she’s out of high school anyway.

    • Jenn

      Hey, Lincoln/Douglas debate is awesome!
      My parents said they were all for birth control when I got the sex talk, but freaked out and refused to let me go on it when I asked at 16. So I made my boyfriend at the time drive me to Planned Parenthood and got the patch for myself. Problem solved! 14 seems young, but personally I think if a teen asks for birth control, it’s because they are planning on/currently having sex. At that point, better to make it safe sex than have to worry about having a teenaged mother on your hands.

    • Katy

      When I was 14 a friend of the family got pregnant (she was 15) & my parents had one of the most uncomfortable conversations of my life with me & my little sister. As per this conversation we were told that we could talk to them when the time came & we would get on BC no questions asked (tho, I’m sure if I had come to them at 14 there would have been SO MANY questions asked)
      My mother then continued to have this awkward conversation with me periodically until , when I was 17, I was able to say “Um… mom”. Magically she somehow knew what I was sheepishly coming to her for & she set me up with the gyno & got me on Depo Provera not even a week later (Depo is the shot. Because she- wisely- didn’t trust me to remember to take the pill). I waited until I had been on BC for the recommended 30 days until actually doing the deed.
      Because of my mother’s forcibly open conversations about sex, I can say I am a 27 year old woman who has never had any STD’s or pregnancy scares.
      So… I think it’s great that her mother put her on BC so early. Sure, 14 is too young for most, but atleast we don’t have any Kim clones… just yet (we’ll see if Kanye gets his way)

    • Sabrina

      My mom offered to hook me up with birth control if I ever needed it right around that age. But she also gave me the “please wait a few more years” talk with it. Then, at about 18, when I told her I had slept with my boyfriend her exact words were “Cool beans”. End of conversation.

    • lauren

      I started my period when I was 13 and I had to get on birthcontrol because I had severe hormone imbalence and irregular periods. And I`m 17 and still a virgin. But periods hurt like hell and birth control helps with all symptoms of Menustration. Although some girls are just skanks.