Emma Stone’s White Cake Make-Up: How Do You Feel?

While attending the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man in France, Emma Stone wore this very Elvira-like ensemble, complete with a gothic black dress by Gucci, red lips and a lily-white face.

I will state for the record here that I like it. I like it in part because it’s so un-Emma Stone, who is usually all yellow and flowers and buttons and joy, whereas this is more racy lady of the evening. It’s always fun when stars change it up!

What about you — how do you feel?

Photo by GONZALO FUENTES/Reuters via Buzzfeed

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    • K

      I feel like there’s a goth revival coming on.

    • Cynthia

      I feel like this is more of an October look for her.


    • Pea

      She looks amazing! Pale skin is beautiful too… its nice to see her wear her real skin colour for a change… not a fake tan. She is beautiful anyways…

    • Alexis H

      I. LOVE. THIS.

      The goth revival thing is sort of a bummer to me since I used to be gothy as a kid and now I’m feeling pangs of “I was into it before it was cool, you guys!” but at least this means I can relive those days a little without looking like an attention whore.

      • Catherine

        I like the goth revival thing, too, but I only really get ecxited about it when it’s fresh. That “don’t really care summergoth” thing? Awesome! Bringing back Siouxsie/Bauhaus trad goth that no one’s seen on the street for thirty years? Awesome! The very literal European formalwear romantic vampire look that just won’t die, if you’ll pardon the pun? Ehhh…. cute for you.

        But all that aside, she does look very pretty.

      • Jessica P. Ogilvie

        Ha, I remember the OG goth days too! Solidarity.

    • Kj

      Love it except for the makeup. Maybe if it was a little more natural, because as is all I can look at are HER LIPS. LIPS! Otherwise, it’s gorgeous head to toe.

    • Emma

      I love it! The make-up is just right. Strong lips with a soft eye, and don’t even get me started on the amazing detail on that gucci dress.