Don’t Worry, Jeremy Scott Made More Ridiculous Shoes For Adidas

Earlier this week, Adidas came under fire for a curious pair of sneakers designed in collaboration with gonzo downtowner Jeremy Scott. The shoes (above) feature ankle shackles that struck more than a few Adidas fans on Facebook as an allusion to slavery.

Perhaps in an elaborate distraction, Adidas posted another pair of Jeremy Scott originals, also hitting stores in August:

These are the Jeremy Scott “Butterfly” wedge heels. You’ve now forgotten everything you know. Also, given the choice, which would you prefer?

Adidas is probably pleased as punch; instead of a comment thread full of Amistad and Roots references, now the Facebook fans are offering such innocuous observations such as, “i can see u wearing those since u love butterflys so much.”

(Photos via Facebook)

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    • mr_man

      it’s not a distraction, the guy makes playful toy-like sneakers & these are par for the course. he made teddy bear sneakers before the My Pet Monster sneakers but the world wildlife fund didn’t freak out & say he hated bears. it’s also not the first time he put wings on sneakers. a little research would be nice for a fashion blog.

      • bean

        You are dumb.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I don’t think there’s anything in the post that suggests I’m unaware of how Jeremy Scott designs.

    • Sam

      It bums me out so much that those look like shackles because, to be honest, I think they’re pretty weird-cool besides that part. Hypothetically it had a different “chain” type, I would be into them as a strange accessory for a ridiculous costume.