The Most Important Book WASPs Give Their Children

Next to Emily Post, obviously.

feelings and how to destroy them

The little red-haired girl in the left corner has learned how to be dead on the inside. Look at her seeing the crying boy. Look at her feeling nothing. Soon, she will metarmorphose into the boy in the right hand corner, who sees the feelings of others and laughs! He laughs with his hand waving around in the air! He is a sociopath!

I’m pretty sure the last page of this book reads “martinis and painkillers.”

On that note, don’t be like Edie. (But do buy this book and others like it for everyone you know for Christmas).

Pic via Buzzfeed

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    • MR

      I got some distant cousins who are mostly WASP. What WASP’s know is how to read other WASPs. My woman cousin told me this woman I tried to befriend didn’t share anything about herself, cause she had secrets, and she said they’re probably pretty ugly. She was right. If only I had spoken to her about her a year earlier.

      • Jim

        Great story, bro!