Gallery: Uncle Terry Ruins Philipp Plein Campaign By Putting Himself In Every Picture

A new ad campaign from Philipp Plein features the extremely sexy Ed Westwick (he’s Chuck Bass!) in all sorts of titillating poses with model Sabrina Nait. Why, it’s almost like by buying these clothes, people are not merely purchasing a ridiculously overpriced version of normal clothes, but an aspirational vision of youth and beauty that’s been subconsciously planted in their…wait, never mind. Terry Richardson is there. It’s all fake, and everything’s fucked, and you should probably just buy regular priced clothes.

At least, that’s what this very effective ad campaign says to me!

(Via Styleite)

Photos: Terry Richardson

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    • MM

      This guy’s work is SO BORING. Everything is harsh light, white background, his unattractive self intruding in the shot. I mean come on dude, find something new.

    • porkchop

      I think his red shirt and basic size and shape are adding something intriguing to the composition of these photos, but it would be much better if that size and shape were some other person/thing.

    • marta

      I find it a bit pathetic how much you hate on Terry. He was schizofrenic and addicted to drugs. What Peck said was nothing more than just “I got naked by myself and when he got naked I was the one who gave him a handjob without even protesting”. So many other more popular models like Abbey defended him, so where’s the problem? His pictures are amazing