The Hottest Bad Boys Of 1871!

I gave him sunglasses, a lightning bolt scar and a bunch of chest wounds so you can see how cool he is. The chest wounds are presumably from Voldemort. Sunglasses are just cool.

Remember, if you want a picture of yourself preserved forever, you hould commit a crime. You should steal wood or something. Like these guys! See if you can guess their crime by their picture. Also, see if you can pick which one you would run away with, your petticoats billowing in the breeze as you made Bonnie and  Clyde jokes no one would understand, because Bonnie and Clyde didn’t exist yet. Mostly that second thing.

Information and Pics via Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      Thomas Haigh looks like every barista in my neighborhood.

    • Nancy

      Definitely run away with John Allen! Also, I can’t believe how much shorter people were just that long ago!

      • Jen

        I had the same thought… they’re all so short! And they all look much older than their stated ages.

    • Andrea

      John Allen was definitely the smartest and best looking! Also.. I love how these photos all look like senior portraits.

      • Jennifer Wright

        But James Richely just loved tea so much. He wanted all the tea apparatus.