Courteney Cox’s Appearance On Jimmy Fallon Last Night Murdered My Remaining Hopes For Subtle And Successful Plastic Surgery

First of all I should apologize for not having kept up with Courteney Cox’s career. I realize she’s in a show called Cougar Town, but since I don’t have cable and I find the name pretty annoying, I’ve never even tried to figure out on which channel I can watch it. Although Friends has been over for years, it’s when clicking past a rerun Friends episode that I get my Courteney Cox fill. This “fill” is always short and sweet, because of Ross Geller, I could never get into the show.

Last night, thanks to the wretched humidity, I stayed up into the wee of the morning. On top of being subjected to Carson Daly and Nicole Kidman‘s attempt at playing Martha Gellhorn, I caught Cox on Jimmy Fallon. Oh. Wow. I imagine if I had been watching her all these years since Friends I wouldn’t have had the reaction I did, but I was completely shocked by what this beautiful woman had done to her face. I was even more confused as to why she went this route after I looked up her age and found out that she’s only 48 years old.

The person I saw before me last night didn’t have a single wrinkle on her face and when she smiled it looked almost strained as her lips tried to spread open to reveal some level of happiness or glee. I found myself yelling at the television, begging for answers from an electronic item that refused to talk back to me! Why do women (and men) keep insisting upon doing this to themselves? When did laugh lines become the badge of something vile and unable to be stomached, instead of proof that you’ve laughed more than you cried in your life? Yeah, these people are in Hollywood and there’s always a young starlet lined up to take their place, but what happened to self-acceptance?

As I was yelling all of this, I realized I was a fucking hypocrite. I, the one who’s always wanted a nose job, have every intention of getting Botox before the calendar year is out and would love to have my breasts lifted before they reach my bellybutton by the time I’m 50 — yes, I was condemning an actress for doing something that I wished I could do. So I stopped. I breathed. I became a bit sad for Ms. Cox and others who have altered their appearance so as to look younger because of both society and Hollywood, and made myself a promise.

I will never, ever be getting plastic surgery of any kind.

I don’t care what time and gravity do to my face or the rest of my body, as long as it’s not out of necessity for health reasons, I will never go under the knife. I’d rather have a face full of wrinkles than an upper lip that can no longer smile or laugh at a proper joke. Laughing should hurt and hurt like hell in your gut if you give it your all, it shouldn’t make your lips quiver in pain because they can no longer keep up hardcore giggle fits. I won’t even get into how necessary it is to have a forehead that moves for the sake of scowling.

Anyone want to get in on this pact with me?

Here’s a still from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and click here to see a clip of the interview:


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    • Endn

      Hah! I do think people should or shouldn’t get it if they want, but I can’t help but feel bad for the women who have so clearly overdone it, like, how bad must their cognitive dissonance be about how they look? Maybe there are ways to do it that are more subtle and less noticeable now but maybe it’s easy to get addicted? I don’t know but I dont want to pledge “never” because what if doctors learn to just surgeon everything with superlasers in the future and it’s amazing and easy and totally subtle-looking? Classy! Plus I want lots of kids and I may want to repair the old vag after.

      P.s. I just realized on the comments to the other post you mentioned your dad is ill, I’m sorry I hope he’s okay!

      • Amanda Chatel

        Ha! Yes… if I end up having the babies I may go the vag repair route, too. Perhaps I should amend my pact to say that I will never “overdo” it. I totally agree that people can do with their bodies as they choose, but the addiction to plastic surgery can make some naturally beautiful people look like replicants.

        Thank you again for your kind words about my dad. Like I said to you before, as long as our regular readers and I are on good terms, I can sleep at night. (I can’t say the same for the “others.”) Now that’s what we call alienation! Watch me get ripped for that one, too!

      • Endn

        Haha exactly! Comments be crazy sometimes too but honestly once I started getting more interaction on comment threads here, I felt more engaged and interested in all the articles in general… So I love that you still read and respond to comments, even though that’s selfish since I know it’s soul-destroying for you writers sometimes. I guess what I’m trying to say is, thank you for being involved in the comments at all.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Well, I like to be involved! I want there to be dialogue between the writers and the readers. I think that helps in getting people to come back to the site and read more.

        I’m also one hell of a hot head so when people start talking shit, I start lashing out. Although I’m trying really hard to walk away from the computer, count to 100 then respond… it’s not really working so far.

        But thank you for being a regular reader and commenter. Even when we do disagree your thoughts and voice are really important and make me love what I do. Ugh. Now I’m getting teary eyed as I write this. I must be having an emotional day…

      • Endn

        :) Love it, love thegloss, pleeeease keep doing what you’re doing!

    • LaLa

      I thought the same thing! I’ve only seen her in Friends re-runs but always thought she was pretty. Even prettier than Jennifer Aniston. But, wow. Now she looks like a Courtney Cox sex doll. And you know it’s bad when my husband, who has no eye for this kind of thing, (he looks at Nicole Kidman and says, “What? She looks normal to me”) says, “Oooh, what has she done to her face?”

    • Amy

      That is precisely why I can’t watch the show Cougar Town. It’s awkward and uncomfortable watching Courtney Cox and the girl who used to be on the Drew Carey show try to emote because they look so scary. I feel sad that they felt they needed to resort to so much awful looking surgery.

      • Endn

        Did you see that actress on scrubs? You can actually watch her progress every season from beautiful lady into uncanny valley robot.

      • antred

        Do you mean the woman that played Jordan, Dr. Cox’s wife?

    • MM

      I suspect it’s sort of a gradual effect. Getting Botox or a facelift once won’t automatically make you freaky. But then it wears off, you see wrinkles again, and you end up getting so many procedures that you look ridiculous. They get used to relying on plastic surgery to fix everything so they don’t know when it stop.

      It’s sort of a societal thing – women are sold the idea that at 50 they should still look 25. Many Hollywood actresses are older wrinkle-free, so if you don’t get surgery you probably feel like an anomaly. On the other hand, if you look at British actors most of them age naturally.


      I have been in the medi spa world for 9 years- started getting Botox and juvederm at 21. I think you can get it done and look good- I have seen surgeries and injections that look natural. It’s when you do too much that you look bad and everyone starts looking the same!! If you do any work on yourself- I think it should be natural looking and people shouldn’t say,”you can totally tell she had work done.” Courtney Cox looks over done and her Botox looks freaky. Too much Vitamin B shots : )

    • Elizabeth

      You should watch CougarTown. Even the writers and actors think the title sucks (there’s a running gag where every episode they run a snarky comment about the stupidity of the title underneath the title.) It’s pretty funny.

      Also, I will not sign your pact because I am holding out hope that someday I will find out what Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore have been doing, and then I will do the hell out of that.

      • Amanda Chatel

        You’re so right about Demi Moore! I may betray my pact for that too.

    • Vivian

      I had the same reaction when I saw her earlier in the day on another program..we are the same age, and I was horrified by what she has done to her face. It makes her look older, in fact. She was a beautiful woman before, and didn’t need any work as far as I’m concerned. Now she looks deformed.
      I’m with you…no surgical “improvements.” Ever.
      btw my bf is 15 years younger than me and fine with it.

    • Kj

      I see your Courtney Cox and I raise you one Jane Seymore, or Jamie Lee Curtis.

      I believe in getting some “preventative maintenance,” so I can’t really join your pact, especially considering that even now there are some things I’d like to tweak.

      My friend thinks that plastic surgery is like getting a tattoo – after the first one you realize, hey, that wasn’t such a big deal! …and then schedule another one, and another one, until you are cat-fact woman. Eek.

      • Amanda Chatel

        But dude! Have you seen that cat woman’s (Jocelyn Wildenstein) fella?! He’s hot! Or a least one of the guys she dated was super hot… so maybe fucking up your face is the way to go if you want to land a young Adonis?

      • G

        I think, get botox on your forehead and frown, but when it starts creeping down your face and people start getting botox on their upper lip, that’s when they start to look stupid.

      • Kitty P.

        @KJ – Just a quick note, Jamie Lee Curtis is a one of the Hollywood Celebs who notoriously speaks out against plastic surgery and airbrushing. Altho she did have work done early in her career, she’s regretted it and even posed in her undies with no retouching to make the point.

        You are right, but I think her regret and acts following are worth mention. Perhaps you should raise a Tori Spelling, Tara Reid or the queen of Plastic Joan Rivers!

      • Cybereyes

        Yeah go ahead, I’m sure your friends will never tell you how you look like a burn victim. So as long as your happy. The rest of us will try not to eat when you are around.

    • porkchop

      I feel like this face is just something people do to fit in with other rich Hollywood folks.

    • nosogirl

      Wow, nothing from her top lip up moves – at all. Just wow.

    • Wolfgee

      Oh my I get here after watching Jimmy Fallon in Hulu… I’m so depressed!! She is starting to look like Mickey Rourke!!

    • Chrissy

      she definitely had something done-I could tell right away
      this picture doesn’t really show it though
      she sort of reminded me of zsa zsa gabor or somebody else; the name slips my mind right now

      • Phil Broz

        Michael Jackson??

      • GENXer

        joan rivers?, melanie griffith? Darral Hannah? All look horrible now thanks to plastic surgery.

    • AngelIca

      I’m with you. I will try my very best to accept my face, my breasts, my little pot belly and my wiggles and jiggles with grace.

    • Rob

      After I saw Courtney Cox on a ‘Cougar Preview’ on TV, my family all commented on how weird she looked. So when I googled her name after I typed the word Cox, ‘Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery’ popped up first in my browser. It makes her look weird and when we all think of her now, that is what she will be known for, another insecure aging actress who is trying to defy the aging process. From my point of view, a lot of famous women actresses can age with class, like Meryl Streep, Jennifer Aniston, Bo Derek, Halle Berry, Elizabeth Shue. These women are still sexy and wear there age very well. Obviously you cant be the young perfect actor or actress forever, too bad Courtney could not take the natural route. Oh well I will just have to remember her dancing in the dark with Bruce as her best moment.

      • Phil Broz

        Aniston and Cox actually got their first nose jobs together…

      • Cybereyes

        Says who? All I know is that Aniston doesn’t look like a recovering burn victim.

      • antred

        Aniston did have nose surgery but in her case it was to correct a departed septum ( ).

    • Me

      I never understand why women get plastic surgery. 90% of the time it doesn’t make you look better, it just makes you look like you had plastic surgery. Out of all the famous cases of people going under the knife the only one I can think of where it improved her appearance is Ashley Simpson.,The rest look terrible. Take Lil Kim, Lindsay Lohan, Vivica A. Fox, Meg Ryan, Tara Reid, Donatella Versace, Lisa Rinna etc the list goes on.

    • tom

      I am a man and I have had a nose job and have done botox 3 times.. Why judge?? If it makes you feel good about yourself, then live and let live. To each its own and back off. Who made anyone the guardian of our souls?? Before you cast judgements on others, fix your problems.

      • Phil Broz

        If you’re going to change the way you appear to people, they’re going to comment on it cuz we’re the ones that look at it. It’s like, if I wake up one day and decide to spit when I talk, or I decide to be a bigot. If it makes you happy, fine. It’s the same with changing your appearance. But being in the lime light, we’re gonna tell you what we think about it.

    • Phil Broz

      I watch Friends every night before I go to bed. I remember Courtney from Scream and then Dirt even… I flipped on Cougar Town tonight and thought the exact same thing!!! I couldn’t believe it. I’d seen Cougar Town before, but like I said, I stayed somewhat in touch until the last couple years. Now, having watched Friends every night before bed, and then switching it over to Cougar Town….Wow! She has butchered her beautiful face. She was always one of my favorite actresses when I was younger. She made some poor decisions at some point. I don’t know why anyone tries to fix their face. The chances of getting it right are 1 in 100. Cameron Diaz is the only one I know that could be considered a moderate success…. So Sad.

    • birdschirpingintree

      it’s a shame. Miss Couteney and Miss Megan Ryan and many others were BEAUTIFUL young ladies who would’ve Most Likely gone on to become Beautiful middle-aged ladies and then beautiful elderly ladies. Instead they let THIS be done to them. God help us all.
      Great, good blessings, and, *humbleness to us all, too.
      (*may this start with me).

    • gracefullyaging

      Courtney Cox looks like Jack Nicholson when he played the Joker … she has a perpetual smile even when she’s not smiling…I don’t get it…don’t these women realize how horribly they alter their natural beauty? She looks horrible … shame ~

    • CZ

      I thought it was just me. I couldn’t figure out what looked different about her, but I don’ like looking at her new face either. She was always beautiful before. I hope she’s happy with the results, but I wish she never had it done.

    • YYZGirl

      Fantastic article. I’m in on the pact.

    • Allerious

      She looks beautiful, and I *vastly* prefer young wimmin so that’s something I would rarely say about anyone her age. Stop whining, stop pouting. It ain’t society, it ain’t Hollywood, it’s biology. Older people are uglier. Period.

      • Cybereyes

        If by beautiful you mean about to vomit looking at her, then yeah your right, she is beautiful. She WAS beautiful, and I would have loved to see her aged beauty, but instead she chose to go with the Frankenstein look. So sad.

    • Cybereyes

      So sad that such a natural beauty would go this route so early in life. She still have many good years left and even an aging beauty like her would have been sexy. Now she looks like a burn victim. So sad. RIP Courtney.

    • Frank Plant

      I never watched much Friends but I have to say that I find Courtney Cox a stunning woman, I mean stunning at 48. Perhaps I don¡t know the things to look for but I really still find her beauty mesmerizing and no I don’t live in my mother’s basement. ;)