Retro Snap: This Is One Of My Favorite Famous Ladies

edie sedgwick

You may have read about her recently.

It’s Edie Sedgwick. Remarkably, this was taken about a year before her death when she was dealing with a pretty severe drug problem. She was still, right up until the end, so, so beautiful. (Do you like her better as a brunette? I like her better as a brunette). Oh, and if you haven’t, you can read about her here.


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    • Nancy

      Lol the caption at the bottom tipped me off. She’s lovely, I can’t believe it’s just a year before her death, I thought she must’ve been a teenager in that photo!

    • Fabel

      I like her better as a brunette, too. She looks so pretty; I can’t believe her death was only a year later.

    • Alison

      Jennifer Wright, you are my new favorite journalist. I couldn’t believe that “practically retarded” quote the other day. (And really? Given the source, who’s calling who names?) Anywho, great response article. Kudos.
      And, brunette, for sure.

    • Kj

      Ugh, I was afraid it was Jaqueline Kennedy. She is so overrated.

      Also, Edie is much better as a brunette, but I like her blonde pixie style too, ‘cuz it’s so iconic.