What Your Lipstick Shade Says About You

lipstick shades

I stain my lips with the blood of my enemies, but that says all too much about me. What does your lipstick shade say about you, normal human person?


Photo via Miss Officer

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    • Morgan

      Mean Girls reference FTW!

      I wear pink, red and coral depending on the day – I am an enigma.

    • Tania

      What about those of us who wear no lipstick at all?

      I have never mastered the art of applying it, and I don’t like looking like a clown so I don’t even own any.

    • Cate

      I wear red lipstick every day. I don’t know about the other colors, but I’d say that for red at least, this is incredibly accurate. I really, really do want to live in the 1940s and I love little hats with plumes.

    • Cori

      You forgot about Brown lipsticks.

      • no ones knows my mind…

        that’s flesh color, for dark skin

    • L

      Hiya, That’s not the right source for the starting photo. It’s from Lime Crime. Wow, pretty ridiculous that you swipe their photo, and don’t even mention their lipstick shades! as a blogger, I just lost some respect for your site.