‘Science: It’s A Girl Thing!’ Video Is Sexist Or Just A Poor Way Of Trying To Make Girls Get In Touch With Their Inner Scientist?

The EU Commission has things a wee bit wrong in their new PSA that tries to get girls interested in science. No; “wrong” is not quite accurate, as I don’t want to label their efforts as such. Perhaps, “fucked up,” “wonky” and “lame,” make far more sense. If my brain weren’t fried because it’s Friday, I could have come up with far more creative adjectives. I could have also reached for a thesaurus.

Although I’m sure they meant no harm with the video below, the explosion of pink and sparkles as a means to lure girls into more scientific fields is, as I stated above, fucked up. After watching it five times, I’m still trying to figure out how blush and lipstick have anything to do with science. I’m also trying to understand why these young girls are rocking stilettos and swinging their hips as if they’re 25-years-old women out on the prowl on a Friday night.

Due to the negative feedback, the EU has removed the video. However, some genius grabbed it and put it on YouTube just in the nick of time. I’m posting the video below and linking to it, in case they snag it from us too.

And to think that all this time my aversion to science was simply because it wasn’t splattered with the color pink! Silly me. Thoughts, ladies?


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    • Danielle

      Wait, I don’t wear makeup. Does that mean I can’t be a scientist now?

      • Amanda Chatel

        No, Danielle, you cannot. You must learn to properly apply lipstick first.

    • Kj

      If science is a girl thing, then how come the only one in a lab coat is a dude?! Fuck this.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Because, Kj, women don’t wear lab coats… just make-up. Duh.

      • Topf

        MTE. My thought was: So you guys think that showing a man with a lab coat will lure man-hungry heterosexual women into completing a whole degree? And you also assume all women are like that? Do you think all women are Elle Woods or what?

    • Ewa

      I think most of my students would feel offended.

    • Liz


    • endn

      I read somewhere that someone thought this would have the broadest appeal. Sigh. And barf.

    • len132

      Hey, all the women in my lab definitely wear open-toed shoes, short skirts, and dance about. Because it’s not like those are all safety violations….

    • Tania

      I love the idea of getting girls into science… I just don’t think that’s how you do it.

    • Anonymous

      I’m an engineering student (that’s, like, kind of science-y, right?!), and as much as I love lipstick and makeup and pink…that was awkward to watch.

    • Lastango

      It was commissioned by social science grads… their profs spent six years or more telling them they were doing Real Science. (That’s why they’re entitled to engineer society.) In their world, there’s no bedrock reality, no hard facts. Science is what these technocrats decide it is, and it can and will be done — at vast public expense — by whoever they select and endow to do it. Just takes the right policies, that’s all. When that’s their intellectual structure, why would they care if their pitch suits the subject? They and their friends across the governing class can make the subject suit the pitch.

      • Topf

        Clichés and stereotypes find their way to all sciences. Just take a look at popular science works. The reason why this ad is wrong is not that it was created by a social scientist, it’s crazy because it was created by someone who thinks women are under-complex, pink-loving creatures. It can happen to anyone who hasnt ever questioned the way women are generally seen in our societies. What the person does for a living or what s/he studied has little to do with it. The campaign exists because no one wants to accept that the reason why women in Europe dont do science is because they keep hearing they’re bad at math (for example [I live in Germany, btw]).

      • Lastango

        @ Topf — “What the person does for a living or what s/he studied has little to do with it.”

        I wish that were true. Unfortunately, political and intellectual indoctrination are the rule in the social sciences. It is simply impossible for a person who does not accept the progressivist orthodoxy to have a career in the profession or function in these circles.

        “It can happen to anyone who hasnt ever questioned the way women are generally seen in our societies.”

        Social “scientists” have done nothing but question that. They eat, sleep, and breathe gender. They also think they can re-make even the hard sciences into whatever they want. To engineer the “diversity” they want, they will paint not only their ads but also science itself pink. It doesn’t matter to them that they’re sending false signals about what science is, or what it takes to prepare oneself to do it. They will simply dumb down the faculties, programs, and government-funded research programs to allow for the inclusiveness they want.


        But back to the ad itself. To social pseudoscientists, getting women into the hard sciences is a political issue. The ad we see here aims at popularizing the notion that anyone can do real science — that science isn’t a scientist thing, it’s a girl thing. If they can establish this in the public mind, they are free to rig the sciences as they please, and everyone will think a Good Thing has happened. The hard sciences themselves will be destroyed, but social scientists don’t care about that.

    • Spastastic

      If I saw this as a kid, it would have made science seem much less interesting to me.

    • topf

      The ad is a proof of why women in Europe avoid science. The way women are portrayed there shows the way most people in science see women and will treat women in the labs, the classrooms, etc. Women who do science arent normal, intelligent and capable human beings; they need to be lured with “girly” things in order to get them to do anything, just like you lure a dog with a piece of sausage. I live in Germany and math and physics students have the most ignorant and sexist people I know. It doesnt mean scientists are sexist. It means there’s a certain sexist culture in the sciences in Europe and you certainly get to feel it. The add doesnt only fail completely at fulfilling its task, it probably makes science interested women who have already been victims of this discrimination become even less likely to have the guts to pursue their passion for science. The problem is so big that there are a few women-only natural science universities in Germany (or was it only one?). Either way, complete and utter FAIL.