Nicki Minaj Wore Giant Pink Studded Underwear Onstage: How Do You Feel?

While at a stop in Italy on her “Pink Friday” tour, Nicki Minaj rocked the above undies over her tights. As you can see, they are massive, exceeding in size even what I would comfortably call “grandma panties.”

Now, in these underwear’s favor, they are also pink and studded, and to a certain extent, I respect what they’re doing in terms of going all the way up, practically, to Minaj’s breasts. But let’s be real here — not only are they not everyday wear, the way that they look layered over the tights is just kind of off. It vaguely resembles the plate armor of the middle ages. Also, I’m not saying you should have cameltoe, but the way these lie across the crotch gives them impression of something bulky under there. Something like…a diaper. Or, to be generous, a gigantic maxipad.

Not a fan.

How about you?

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    • lucygoosey74

      Ugly? Yes.
      Insane? Yes.
      Clownish? Yes.
      At least she’s consistant.

    • S

      I guess it’s just me, but I think she looks awesome. I love it when female musicians don’t care about being sexy or beautiful and just wear whatever the hell they feel like wearing. (See also: Ke$ha, M.I.A.)

      Stickler side note: Those are clearly not “underwear,” the same way a swimsuit bottom or a gymnastics leotard isn’t underwear. It’s an article of clothing designed for a specific purpose (performing, in this case).

    • Sunshine

      I wouldn’t wear it, but on her it’s awesome.