Gallery: Playboy Model Goes Naked For PETA

Oh, PETA. Always utilizing naked women to make a point about animal rights. In their latest stunt, the activist group deployed former Playboy model Victoria Eisermann to hold a sign reading “Evict Meat: Vote Vegan”  whilst sitting outside the National Gallery in London and wearing only lettuce leaves on her nipples (and a carrot strategically placed near her asshole). Here are some photos of the event:

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    • alexandra

      No joke, this seems like an Onion headline…

    • Sam

      Fuckin’ PETA. I hate (hate!) animal abuse in any way, shape, or form…but it doesn’t get any attention towards any sort of issue when they do this type of campaign. We’re all so adjusted to seeing the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” thing that it’s a waste of money and donations to spend on those spots; they should be putting their money towards rescue programs and rehabilitation farms.

      • Vegan Bloke

        Agreed. I’ve never *seen* anyone wearing a fur coat or a fur scarf or whatever. The fur issue is overstated and serves only for self-publicity for ageing porn stars (such as the one pictured) and glamour models like Kelly Brook, who have no problem with eating meat or wearing leather.

    • Maria

      But I do like the un-retouched pictures of a Playboy Model with implant scars and stretch marks. They are real people, too!