Lara Stone Also Wore A Funny Hat To The Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot finished up this weekend and remained unthreatened as the UK’s most fertile ground for deeply silly hats. Although not nearly as silly as Thursday’s full English breakfast topper, on Friday (Day 4) supermodel Lara Stone jumped into the funny hat fray with this fascinator of linen helices. We must say, we kind of like it.

Sadly, her dress doesn’t enjoy the same oddball success, what with the slumping fit and visible bra straps. Here she is with husband David Walliams, who’s got his own hat game:


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    • Lastango

      Splendid! We need a verb for this!

      Ascot: to joyously revel in the fun of sporting beautiful, striking, or whimsical headwear. To fascinate with a facinator, esp. men.

      “I wish I had the nerve to Ascot like she does!”

    • Gowers

      Isn’t the slumping fit because she’s almost vcertainly ‘up the duff ‘ (technical term for pregnant)?

      • Ashley Cardiff


        I am disappointed to admit that I have never heard this term before.

    • sheherbano

      walliams! WALLIAMS!

    • Ashley

      God forbid a woman wears a bra and the general public find out about it.

    • Eddie

      Yep, sheherbano is right: he’s called David WALLIAMS!!