Bigots Angry At Oreo Over Rainbow ‘Pride’ Cookie

Oreo is in trouble for supporting gay rights. The company posted this image on its Facebook page along with the message, “Proudly support love!” As much as corporate entities supporting anything for Facebook likes give us eyerolls, we must say, the move resulted in one of the most thrillingly ridiculous comment threads we’ve ever read.

Yes, the message of equality infuriated a ton of people. Lucky for us, they were exactly the kinds of people who can get infuriated by a gay cookie:

Desean Washington: ”This is absolutely disgusting. Your attempt to “normalize” the behaviour of homosexuals has cost you a customer.”

Amy Niccum: ”I ate a lot of Oreos last winter but that will be my last. What they do is there business but quit trying to make it seem normal – It is not!”

Jeanette Davis Gayhart: ”the Bible says Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes God. Since God cannot lie then where does that leave us? Love the person, hate the sin. God loves you not your sin and He will notleave you the way He finds you. Oreos will not be on my shopping list any longer.”

Kathy Snyder: ”You are not supporting love, you are validating a lustful behavior.”

Jason Curtis: ”Sorry, I cannot support a choice that God does not approve of.”

Lance Bishop: ”I have seen some vicious attacks of Christians on here. I am undecided on religion but leaning toward Christianity. I don’t hate anyone. I do believe homosexual sex acts and lusting are wrong. I also believe adultury and lying are wrong. I am guilty of sin on a regular basis. I do not judge others, but it is ridiculous that I am considered a biggot by some of you because I have this belief. I do not judge my homosexual friends, and they respect my belief. They know I gamble too much, but they do not judge me. COEXIST does not mean we have to agree on everything! If Oreo wants to support a lifestyle that I find sinful, that is their right. I won’t spend my money on Nabisco products any longer, but this does not make me a hater.”

Ricky Huff: ”No i was never gay i will never be gay an im not a pig! I am a christian an will always hate homos all ways have an all ways will an what hitler tried to do was wrongtrying to call all jews an gays that is wrong an what god will do will be for right” [Ed. Note: Has to be a troll, right?]


(Facebook via Mashable)

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    • Jill

      Hahaha these people sound so ridiculous. They don’t logically attack the ad at all. They just regurgitate the same hateful comments zealots always make.
      PS I like the ad, but if they made actual Oreos like that I bet they would taste terrible

    • Alexis H

      Nabiso will RUE THE DAY that ther cookies supported lustful homosins !

      [insert bible verse]

      i will NOT read www. thegolss .com any-more if lib. gay agendas ar spported as such ..

      RUE THE DAYE!!!!!!!!!!1!:

      • Ashley Cardiff


      • Alexis H

        I was going to stick with homo sins, but removing spaces to make fun new words is way more authentic.

      • woo

        Oh man, I wanna get me some sweet sweet homosins.

        Homosins: milk’s best friend.

        Homosins: it’s what’s for dinner.

    • Haley

      i know ur a FASHION blog (which has no business commenting on POLITICS) but FOR THE LAST TIME, IT DOES NOT MAKE ME A BIGOT TO BE AGAINST HOMOSEXUAL REALTIONSHIPS.

      I am not a bigot for disagreeing with homosexuality anymore than you are a bigot for disagreeing with things.

      I am not A BIGOT because I can tell the difference between sin and sinner.

      • Alexis H

        Haha, your comment looks exactly like my troll post!

      • MM

        This isn’t just a fashion blog. It’s more like a lady blog, isn’t it? And some of us ladies like to do it with other ladies, sooo…this kind of “politics” is sorta relevant

      • Ella Jane

        “one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance”

        I’d say that pretty much sums you up.

      • meg

        actually, haley, that’s exactly what it means.

      • Amanda

        Aren’t you guys all being bigots against Haley for having a different opinion than you? That’s what makes the world go round, different opinions. She might not agree with it but that does not mean that she is hateful to them, that she even says anything to them or to anyone. People who don’t agree with it in hateful manners are the ones who are bigots. People who don’t agree with it but keep their mouths shut and just love people, those aren’t bigots. I don’t like Batman. I don’t think he should be a superhero, does that make me bigoted against superheroes? Not everyone is gonna agree. So just get over yourselves. You aren’t any better than her for having a different opinion. Cause guess what? That’s what makes it an OPINION. There are no right or wrong OPINIONS. Grow up. Stop attacking people online.

      • Ella Jane

        let me see if I understand you: when Haley talks about discriminating against a group of people, that’s totally cool.

        when someone else reminds her that she is free to be a bigot if she wishes, but that she is indeed a bigot, you have a problem with that?

        go figure.

      • Tobi

        A bigot is a bigot, Haley. Paint it up as pretty as you want though.

      • Sam

        I’m getting the feeling somebody needs to google “define: bigot”…

        (or a time out.)

      • scarlet scribe

        You can say you aren’t a bigot as much as you want but guess what, you still are.

        Also, do you know any women who had sex before marriage? If so, please stone them immediately.

    • Fabel

      Hoooly shit, look at all that crazy.

    • amy

      LOL @ cookies marrying dogs.

    • Megan Nicholls


    • Leslie

      One angry lady’s last name is “Gayhart”… irony :)

    • Colleen

      I’m just pissed off that the rainbow cookie is made with creme colors that do not exist. HOW AM I GONNA REPRODUCE IT FOR FATKID TIME?

      • Lo

        You might be able to stack the fillings and paint round the edges with food colouring. The best thing is that the insides would still be pure white Christian white, so there’s still hope!

    • porkchop

      Nabisco laughs in your face, homophobes.

      Try to stop eating Oreos. Just go ahead and try.

      God would not have made you love Oreos if He thought they were wrong.

    • Lo


      • Jim K

        Have you notified the Vatican? After all, I think they’d be very, very interested in knowing that God spoke to YOU about this! It should be included in their bible…after all, aren’t they about ready for a re-write?

        If nothing else, it would make a great bumper sticker!

      • Lo

        I phoned the Vatican (we’re close) the instant I woke up from my prophetic anti-biscuit dream. Now they’re doing away with that pope-choosing method whereby white cream shoots out of the Sistine Chapel instead of black dough.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Am I the only one who noticed that the homophones really suck at spelling and grammar for the most part? Even our buddy Haley up there…
      Le sigh.

      I’m an Oreo Cookie Monster until the day I die!

      Shit! That rhymes!

      • Sugar

        haha! “Homophones” . Nerd.

    • Sugar

      pfff Oreos suck. I only eat the wheat-free dairy-free Newman O’s… but I think I may turn them into rainbow cookies now. mm.. sweet sweet abomination.

    • WhoCaresIfFagsLoveCock

      What do you bigots care what other people do? Just worry about yourselves, fools.. I love my ass some Oreos..As long as Nabisco isn’t supportin al Quida, they can shape them like dicks and vaginas, I’m gonna get me some milk, and love em up, I don’t give a crap what they look like. Party on fags !! Quit hatin’ America !!

    • Elizabeth

      I was so excited for a second cuz I thought this was a real thing (I guess I’m that hungry?) and I thought I could finally buy an Oreo with a premade stack of one zillion creme layers.

      • Ellen

        quite frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t already. I’d eat a lot more Oreos if there was that much creme in them. Plus, rainbows! who doesn’t like rainbows?

    • AvengingAngel

      “Sometimes a cookie, is just a cookie.” (Sorry, Sigmund.)

    • Sabrina

      Sometimes I really just want to be able to ask bigots to their face “How does it feel to dedicate a lot of energy in your life to hating others and trying to stand in the way of love and marriage?” I would really like to know how it feels. Because if I came to the realization some day that I had been dedicating part of my life to trying to trample on the rights of others, I would feel like a total shit bag. But I guess that’s just me.

    • mm

      My favorite part is that every single anti-gay post on every single website ever (especially youtube, buzzfeed, and facebook) is spelled horribly with a plethora of grammatical mistakes. I mean really, if you want to be taken seriously try to type like you’ve passed 2nd grade.

      • jimbob

        you can’t have a brain AND be religious too!

      • denny

        I agree that homophobic bigotry is misguided, sad, and shameful to the human race; however, I don’t think it’s fair to equate religion with stupidity. Some of the brightest people I know are religious scholars, and are — surprise! — almost universally liberal democrats.

        Honestly, I tend to see many errors on posts from people who feel strongly one way or the other on certain issues — gay marriage and abortion are two that come to mind. I think people just get so passionate about whatever they’re writing about that the emotional parts of their brains take over and grammar, spelling, and logic go out the window.

    • Sam

      Is it bad that 90% of what I thought when I saw that picture posted was “OMG I WANNA SEE IT CUT PERFECTLY IN HALF, I BET IT LOOKS SO COOL.” I am 12-years-old mentally, I think.

      But seriously: What is it with the anti-homosexuality crowd almost always having terrible writing skills?

    • rob kavanaugh

      The same bigoted people must have hated the regular Oreos, with black and white touching, as they argued that this was against “god’s will”. (Interracial couples couldn’t legally marry in most states until surprisingly recently.) They fought against civil rights for other people, then, as they do now. Followers of jesus didn’t just argue, they murdered people over it, as christians have done for centuries.

    • court

      Ashley Cardiff, aka author of this article, you should be ASHAMED of yourself. Calling people bigots and posting links to their personal facebook accounts so people can go and cyberbully them? Despicable.

      • bean

        Were these people not aware that their bigotry was public?

      • superjack

        They spewed a bunch of hate speech all over a corporate Facebook account. It’s a matter of public record. Just like everything else you do under your own name on the internet.

        If they didn’t know how Facebook worked before, at least they will now.

      • Tobi

        Court, you seem to be confused.

        Ashley didn’t make them public; the bigots made themselves public when they posted.

        Ta da! Mystery solved.

    • Alexis H