10 Trends That Need To Die Right Now

Living in New York City makes it pretty easy to track trends: first you see it on runways (or fashion editors and models off duty), then you see it on famous people. Next, it’s on personal style bloggers. All of a sudden, it’s clogging window displays at Zara, H&M and Steve Madden. Then you see it fucking everywhere. Who else is sick to death of neon? Printed pants? Sneaker wedges? Presenting the 10 most over-exposed, played-out trends of right now.

(All celebrity photos via Wenn)

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    • lucygoosey74

      PLEASE, OH PLEASE, can’t we kill off toeless boots too? They are an abomination and quite possibly the stupidest fashion “invention” ever!
      When does one typically wear boots?
      When it’s boot weather…cold, rainy, snowy. Basically in shitty weather.
      So why, oh why must the tootsies be hanging out of the boots? WHY?

      • Tania

        YES. I agree with this comment 100%.

        Whoever invented toeless boots had a sick, twisted mind.

      • halfpint513

        I absolutely abhor toeless boots. They are so ugly and not fashionable at all.

    • MM

      I agree with everything except stripes. Striped shirts are classic! They’re like black t-shirts, I’ll never get sick of them.

      Also, can we add mullet dresses? I HATE MULLET DRESSES.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Okay, I love a Breton shirt as much as the next French man in a boat. Also, one of my favorite designers ever is Jean Paul Gaultier, King of Stripes (and corsets). I am, generally, a stripe fan.

        However, stripe saturation is a real thing. In the interest of full disclosure, their inclusion in the gallery is 99% because of the group of six (6) sorority-looking girls I walked past a few days ago, all of them wearing striped boatneck shirts with “statement necklaces” over them and Tory Burch flats.

        Still. It’s not anyone else’s fault I’m bitter.

      • Sonsy

        I fuc*king hate Tory Burch flats. They scream ‘I live in Hoboken!”

      • Ali

        Oooooohhhh I hate “statement necklaces”. Those also need to die.

      • Eileen

        I’d rather live in Hoboken than New York. I’d rather live pretty much anywhere than New York. It’s a place to visit, not live.

        But “statement necklaces” are indeed awful.

      • Jo

        Eileen, as someone who grew up in and lives in New York, I find that statement pretty offensive. If 8 million people want to live here, it’s clearly not just a place to “visit.”

    • Eileen

      All of these are ugly…except the stripes. What’s wrong with nautical stripes? They’re not really a trend; J. Crew does them every year. That’s like calling khaki shorts or plain leather belts a trend. As long as the article of clothing is not ugly in and of itself, nautical stripes are perfectly normal, especially in the summer.

    • jo

      OK, doesn’t this kind of thing make you hate writing for a blog that focuses on fashion? I mean, I love the gloss, but for its witty writers and insightful pieces,not for the fashion content. I can guarantee that at least half of these trends have appeared elsewhere on this blog with a positive spin. That’s not something that the gloss alone is guilty of but every fashion blog and the fashion world in general.

      As someone who JUST quit her shitty, shitty, retail job at Zara, I a) hate trends and b) kind of came out of it wanting to only wear my 50s shirt dresses or something really classic like a cable knit sweater. Aside from thinking zara (and its parent corp, inditex) are greedy and sketchy in general, staring at the same trendy neon jacket for 4 months and watching people continuously fawn over it– knowing well that the trend is unlikely to last past this fall makes me pretty disillusioned with the whole fashion world. It’s just expensive, disposable and therefore wasteful.

      • superjack

        Looks like somebody didn’t make it to the last slide.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I want to ask you some questions about working at Zara!

        E-mail me: ashley@thegloss.com

    • Bo$$

      You guys have a boring sense of style man it sounds like anything kinda out there would be ripped up on this blog, open your minds my children.

    • AnnH

      Neon works great for darker skins,and I never get tired of the beautiful contrast neon clothes create. Alas, in my experience, only (blond) pale women tend to wear neon yellow these days, resulting in bleeding eyes and burned corneas as far as the eye can see (the good news is we’re turning blind because of such choices). Ladies, can we all agree here and now that fashion is one thing, but the way you look in something supposedly trendy is another thing ? It’s called taste.

    • Hannah

      Wow, is there any item of clothing you don’t hate? Everyone will just have to walk around naked to please you…

    • Val

      Polka dots & stripes are classics perhaps over exposed right now but still classic. Neon is only good in moderation – an accessory at most

    • Phil

      I have a trust fund; my former trustee, was arrogant, so I fired her…she would insist that she take me shopping for fashionable clothes…I won’t name the store, because they could very well be a good store to go shop for clothes in the future.

      The clothes she picked (I had no choice) were to large, did not fit at all, so I threw them away; about, the only thing I liked about it was eying her pretty assistant.

      She alone picked the store; but now I have the option too at least pick the store.

      My current trustee, I think has no idea how to shop for fashion clothes for men.

      Any suggestions?

      • Lucky

        Search for male fashion blogs, and pay attention to timeless pieces (pleated khakis, blue button downs, tailored blazers etc etc). I’m not really familiar with male fashion, but I’m sure the internet caters to it just as much as it caters to female fashion.

    • JoJo

      Man, you sound stuck up as hell. Jeez, get the stick out, seriously.

    • V
      • Ashley Cardiff

        One of them, yes.