• Tue, Jun 26 2012

Miranda Kerr Demonstrates How To Pull Off Blue Leopard Print Pants

Miranda Kerr always looks good, and it’s sort of annoying. She was recently spotted wandering about New York wearing a fedora, a black tank top, sandals and a pair of blue leopard print pants. This is reminiscent of that one time when Kristen Stewart killed it in a pair of Balenciaga print pants. Ladies, this is how it’s done:

Photos by TNYF/WENN.com

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  • Bibbins smith
  • lucygoosey74

    So help me God, I had very, very similar pants circa 1985! However, I wore mine with a yellow floral sweatshirt (Unfortunately there is photographic evidence of this) and looked nothing like Miranda Kerr. My fifth grade self felt pretty awesome in them though!

    • Jessica P. Ogilvie

      Miranda Kerr might look pulled together, but your fifth grade self sounds pretty incredible. We probably would have been friends.

  • lucygoosey74

    I also completed my look with a banana clip in my mall hair, and my favorite wet ‘n wild lip gloss.