• Tue, Jun 26 2012

Romantic Comedy Heroes That Would Be Awful To Date In Real Life

sixteen candles

A lot of times you’re watching romantic comedies and going along thinking “that guy is perfect.” And then you wake up in a cold sweat muttering “Wait! That guy in Sixteen Candles was HORRIBLE to his girlfriend!” That happens to me a lot. That happen to you?

Pic via Sixteen Candles

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  • Maggie

    Benjamin Barry doesn’t fall in love with a false version of Andy, he falls in love with her despite her crazy masquerade.
    PS- How crazy was it that she was trying to write about international affairs for ‘Composure’ AKA Cosmo. Imagine they shorted it to ‘Compo’

  • Meghan Keane

    Bender=best. He just needed someone to love him and lend him a diamond stud earring to change his ways.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I will always have a weird, huge crush on Bender that makes me hate myself. Always.

    • Amanda Chatel

      I’m going to have to agree… he was also so dirty, so I bet he’d be good in bed.

    • Naomi

      We also know from that scene in the library where Molly Ringwald crushes his face between her knees that he’s not afraid to go down on a lady.

  • MR

    Guy question. How about Cusack in ‘Serendipity’? I was going to start with him and Roberts in ‘America’s Sweethearts’ but…. :)