Kristen Stewart Wore Jeans To A Wedding (The Horror!)

As you can deduce from the headline, Kristen Stewart wore jeans to a friend’s wedding. The fashion blogosphere–cursed with a slow newsday–was split pretty evenly between outrage (“THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! JEANS AT WEDDING?”) and sarcasm (“Oh, Kristen, you’re soooo laid back, you’re so un-Hollywood, you’re just a tomboy”). Both kind of ignore the fact that she looks great.

We figured the wedding was just a casual affair–and would it really be that much of an insult for a guest to wear jeans with a nice blazer?–but the Daily Mail reports Kristen “forgot” her outfit and had to borrow a Zac Posen cocktail dress (apparently she has fancy friends). At least she remembered a date, boyfriend Robert Pattinson:

Since when is tie-dye acceptable, but not jeans?

(Daily Mail)

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    • Trish

      It’s ok to snark on a non-famous teen’s clothing now?

      • bean

        That is definitely not snark, especially for The Gloss. It’s an observation. And I think the point is that if it’s the kind of wedding where someone can wear tie-dye (regardless of age) then jeans aren’t some crazy injustice.

    • Lindsey

      Yeah, the girl looks 14 or younger. So she gets a pass.

      But, is it the flash of the camera, or is Kristin wearing a sheer top? Sheer top is way too much for a wedding. She does look great, but it doesn’t seem respectful.

      I’m going to my first wedding in a few weeks. It seems like a casual wedding, but how casual would a wedding have to be to justify jeans?

      • Jess

        Sorry, were you at the wedding? How could you really know what can be “justified” when you weren’t even invited…? It’s really pathetic that you care so much when the people actually there don’t seem to mind.

    • court

      Ok, NOW I’m upset. Not only does she look fabulous, but she had Rob with her. Sigh…WHY is her life so freaking PERFECT!?!

    • Kj

      First of all, I happen to HATE the blazer-as-evening-wear thing. If she came to my wedding like this, I’d be pissed. I see it as, “I’m too special to bother dressing up.” Also, as someone has already mentioned, the tye-dye dress is on a young kid who doesn’t know any better.

      • Kit

        Nope. A dresscode’s a dresscode. If you’re old enough not to sit at the plastic Fischer Price kiddie table, the dresscode applies to you.

      • Jess

        I find it shocking that you don’t realize how ridiculous and pretentious you sound.