Miley Cyrus Just Wore A Bra On The Red Carpet

Miley Cyrus is all grown up and sexy and provocative and engaged and definitely not a child star. Did you hear that? If you didn’t hear that, she might scream it in your face. Which is effectively what she’s doing here.

Miley–with Australian fiance Liam Hemsworth in tow–attended a benefit in Hollywood last night celebrating Australians in film. To complement Liam’s relaxed style, Miley pretty much just wore a bra.

No, seriously:

Yes, apparently a skintight, semi-sheer Zimmermann micro-mini just didn’t communicate her adultness enough, so Miley needed to go partially topless. How about a close-up?

(Two thoughts: is the chain part of the bra-dress? Is “the Rachel” back?)

At this point, about 90% of Miley’s actions seem motivated by want of attention, whether it’s her sure-to-be-ill-fated engagement, jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon or stirring the pot of anorexia rumors by only wearing half-shirts whenever she’s photographed. We’re kind of surprised she hasn’t just shown up on the red carpet wearing a shredded “sexy nurse” Halloween costume and rolling around in front of the paparazzi screaming about how she’s a grown woman now and in control of her sexuality (or, perhaps, how she can’t be tamed). Which is to say: Taylor Momsen.

How long until Miley hits the red-carpet in a dress made of saran wrap?

(Photos via Wenn)

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    • Cee

      Hm. All that money to have THAT dress when she could have just taken any dress and pulled it down..same shit.

    • Goldie

      Meh, I dunno. In terms of former child-star (or even regular teenage) antics this is tame. I’m kind of starting to like her.

    • Nancy

      I want a celebrity to throw an anything-but-clothes party and take lots of pictures! (not for Miley, just in general) Imagine the kinds of things they’d use!

    • Lisa

      It brings out her figure really well… I mean, at least the cut of the dress is classy, the color tame. It’s no worse than a bathing suit, and that top/bra part is prettty sexy!

      • Nichole

        I agree that it covers more than a bikini…. But is she at the beach?

    • Hannah

      As an Australian I’m so excited that she’s wearing an Aussie designer! I also think that the dress looks really good on her, it’s daring but at the same time I’d say it’s pretty classy when worn right.

    • deadthelma

      I think it looks good, however might be a bit old for her… I think it should bit longer, though, and more subtle shoes would probably compliment the dress better than a pattern which seems to be fighting with the dress for attention. Also, she should’ve done something with her hair, it looks totally off key from the rest of her ensemble.

    • Captinms

      i want to take a pare of cissors to the string on her bra and go SNIP!!!

    • chris webb

      NEXT STEP ======== PASTYS