Exactly What The World Needs: Vajazzling As The Star Of Its Own Art Exhibit

You couldn’t pay me enough to do any sort of “jazzling” on my body; especially my kitchen. While I respect the fact some women like it and it’s their bodies so if they want to stick some glitter on their kitchen, then go for it. Woohoo. I’ll even throw you a fucking party, if that’s what you want.

Once a trend that, although somewhat of an artform in its own right, “vajazzling,” is now officially art thanks to South African artist Frances Goodman who has created a series of photographs of sparkly vaginas claiming that her exhibit the “Vajazzling Series” is more than just some silly trend. According to Goodman it “empowers the body, employs the female gaze and reclaims the practice for women across the world.”


Again, I respect her thoughts and efforts to make this into art, but considering just how fleeting, and frankly, ridiculous it is, it’s hard to believe the she’ll have more serious appreciators of art at her exhibit than perverts just looking for a cheap thrill. But I guess, historically, it probably is not much different than women adorning themselves with jewels and other bedazzling techniques in the hopes of impressing either a suitor or themselves for just the hell of it.

“The Vagazzling Series” is part of Goodman’s much large exhibition entitled “Touched” and it is on display now at (Art)Amalgamated here in New York City. So go celebrate pretty vaginas and find some inspiration to hot glue some sequins to your pubic bone, too. Maybe you can be in her next round of the series if she does one.


All photos by Frances Goodman via Huffington Post

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    • 3000

      Oh no. No. They all say “I do”. Meaning… these women have gotten their cooches vajazzled FOR THEIR WEDDINGS?? Please dear god no. So very trashy.

      • MMCC

        From the artists website.

        “The “I DO” emblazoned across their pubic region is meant to be an ambiguous statement – to be interpreted as a wish? a declaration? a question? “

    • lucygoosey74

      Haha, my “everyday I wear jeans and a t-shirt” husband cannot wrap his mind around why I need several pair of 5 inch heels, or camisoles in every color of the rainbow..I think he’d literally snap mentally if I came at him with some bad ass vagazzeling. On the other hand, if he penazzled (is this a word?) I would fall into hysterical laughter that would render sex impossible.

    • Alexis H

      I’ve never actually seen a vajazzle until now and I actually find these images far more disturbing than I expected. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but they make me really, really uncomfortable in the same way that STD photos do.

      • MM

        I agree. There’s something creepy and weird about this. It’s like a bunch of glittery scabs.

    • jb5

      I mean, at least it’s real women’s bodies, no photoshop, curves, cellulite, everything? That is the only positive that I can find in this glittery mess.

      • lucygoosey74

        I was very happy to see a non photoshopped model as well.

    • Botox NY

      It is very fine art exhibition. I think it is unique in world.

    • Fabel

      Like Alexis H, I’ve also never actually SEEN vajazzling until now, but I had the opposite reaction…I kinda like it! I expected something like this http://www.asia.ru/images/target/img/product/11/31/10/11311089.jpg, a jewel tattoo type thing, only for your mons pubis. But these are much more…committed?

    • Karen

      I think you meant vagina. You are a woman, right?