• Mon, Jul 2 2012

Retro Snap: Who Is This Really Famous Singer?

jessica simpson young

She is sexy like a fish.

Tun Fish. Sexual napalm. Jessica Simpson.

I just made two jokes that you would remember if you remembered every bit of tabloid gossip, forever. If that made no sense – if it sounded like something from a version of The Godfather made by surrealists – well, I guess you won. Still, she is like a chick of the sea, okay? A chick of the sea in purple lame. – Buzzfeed

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  • lucygoosey74

    Ha! I thought it was Avril Lavigne..before her “punk” (hahahahaha] days.

  • Kj


    Side note: Actually I do remember all the gossips. That happens when you spend your youth at a terrible call centre job.

    I actually kinda dig her outfit, in an early 00′s kind of way. Those were strange, confusing days. Sometimes I think it’s too bad she’s not more famous, because she can really dress herself! (sometimes)

    Do you think that someday in the future, someone will do, “Shelved Dolls: Jessica Simpson. The forever Newlywed.”

    Also, I thought maybe it was Mandy Moore.

    • MM

      Is it possible to like anything in an early 00′s way? That was possibly one of the worst eras for fashion, besides the late 80s/early 90s.