Gallery: What’s Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Thinking In These Paparazzi Photos?

As we have previously discussed, Alec Baldwin recently became engaged to “yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas,” a woman many years his junior. And this past weekend, they followed through on said engagement by getting married in New York City. I’m not sure why writers insist on throwing “yoga instructor” into each and every reference to her like it’s some sort of insult–my body rejects yoga like it’s ipecac, so I view anyone who’s mastered it as some sort of insanely pain and boredom tolerant god-being–but one thing I am sure of is that Alec Baldwin’s 16-year-old daughter (with previous wife Kim BasingerIreland Baldwin sure looked sulky in some photos taken of the new family the next day. Come along with me, and let’s invade the privacy of a teenager’s brain. Just kidding, let’s only pretend to. I’m not a complete monster, only a bit of one.


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    • Eileen

      1) Ireland Baldwin is as absolutely gorgeous as one would expect of the product of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger having sex with each other.

      2) Fiancee-now-wife is wearing stilettos with cutoffs. Bwah? Tastefully-shoed Ireland could be thinking about that.

      3) God, poor Ireland. Ugh.

    • Maggie

      I totally don’t blame her for looking like an awkward teenager. What 16-year-old likes forced family time with your semi-psychotic Dad and shiny new young step mother?

      Also, remember the time a voice mail Alec sent to Ireland was leaked and in it he called her a spoiled, ungrateful bitch? And I think she was about 12 at the time… Charming. I wouldn’t want to hang out with that guy either.

      • Jamie Peck

        I want to make it clear that I’m on Ireland’s side, here.