How To Be A Terrible Houseguest

So, as part of my recent break-up, the existence of which I have subtly alluded to in previous posts but have not yet chronicled in any detail, I had to move out of the apartment I shared with my ex-fiance. That has been horrible, but I’ve had the good fortune to be able to stay with some amazing friends while I look for a place to live.

That said, I’m trying to be a good houseguest, but rather than regale you with all the ways in which I’m doing that, I (and Jennifer, she of the always-awesome-editorial-insights) thought it might be more interesting to delve into how to be a terrible houseguest. Here you go:

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    • lucygoosey74

      Also, leave your underwear on the bathroom floor.

    • Nancy

      Another one: Leave the house later than, and arrive home before the person you’re staying with, always be there when that person is home, then when they come home from working all day don’t even give them a chance to sit down or look at their mail just start talking about yourself and continue doing so until you go to bed. EVERY DAY. I had a rough week, last week.

      • woo

        Oh Amen *cries to self*