Deena From ‘Jersey Shore’ Intuitively Understands Courtroom Attire

Do you guys remember when it took Lindsay Lohan several years of regular appearances before a judge to learn how to dress appropriately for a courtroom? Well, she’s just been shown up by one Deena Cortese, who emerged from a hearing today over her drunk and disorderly arrest looking downright conservative on her very first try.

Kindly note the well-placed hemline, the high neck, the flattering cut, the respectable pumps, and most of all…the stockings.

This gets a well played.

Photo by C.Smith/

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    • Lindsey

      I think the hemline is a little short IN GENERAL. However, since she’s so short (petite?) it kind of works? I would think that down to the knee would be more appropriate… OR pants?

      Or is she not petite and just standing next to a really tall guy? Has just over halfway down the thigh become the new ‘hit the knee’? I’m so confused. Maybe I shouldn’t have started day drinking. Jessica, now my entire concept of what skirt length is appropriate is totally shot.

      When I had to go to court I just borrowed my pastor’s daughter’s church clothes.

      • Jessica P. Ogilvie

        First of all, it sounds like you already know how to dress for court, so you’re in good shape. Second of all, yeah, Deena’s really short. So she’s well within her limits hemline-wise. Also, in other pictures the hemline looks even longer. I tried to find a good one that captured everything I appreciate about this outfit but it’s possible I misrepresented that one piece.

        When in doubt, just keep day drinking.