Gallery: Is Kanye West Making Kim Kardashian Dress Better?

As their publicists have made sure you know by now, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are dating. And, in exchange for some extra media attention and access to her admittedly bangin’ body, Kanye must take her around to all the fancy fashion events he’s invited to, because she wants to be a high fashion couture type lady, and also because she has no job and is bored. But as Yeezy is too much of a fashion snob to be seen out with someone who inspires whispers of “it costs a lot of money to look that cheap,” he seems to be slowly molding her into some sort of quasi-cool-looking, neutral-colored interloper. At least now she’s easier for Carine Roitfeld to ignore at parties?


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    • sam

      Kim has a job, she runs a store with her sisters and has a clothing line, a fragrance and a lot of other things. People can be so ignorant.

    • Nicole O.

      I’m not feelin’ the slick back hair she’s been rockin’ lately. It’s almost a given that whoever Kanye dates, gets upgraded by him.

    • Beanie

      She definitely has toned things down. Less make up, bare close cut nails, she even has removed her weave because he doesn’t like it. She looks a bit shiny here, but definitely better, I think.

    • Amy

      I’ve never really had issue with her style, it just drives me crazy that everything looks like it’s one size too small. It makes me feel awkward for her.

      Like, when you see a woman wobbling around in high heels that are just a half inch too high for her. She looks uncomfortable, so I feel uncomforatble.


    • ATH

      I like the slicked back hair and demure make-up. Much more elegant than the normal, “Let’s see how much eyeliner I can pile on!” look she normally dons.