Photoshop Of Horrors: Victoria’s Secret Has A Serious Butt Problem

“Calling all beach bums! Find your perfect fit in our online Swim Style Finder!” is the caption of this image, posted by Victoria’s Secret to the brand’s Facebook page. It’s followed by a link to their online bikini boutique. …Which is, in turn, followed by a 2000-deep (at pub time) comment thread about how absolutely fucking ridiculous this Photoshop hatchet job looks. The beach bum in question (we’re guessing it was Candice Swanepoel‘s, as she’s all over the online bikini store) has vanished, erased by seemingly the same guy who tore up poor Candice the last time we saw her… and the time before that. Maybe he has a grudge?

(Facebook via PSDisasters)

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    • lucygoosey74

      Hehe, if I had that butt I’d just borrow one of my niece’s barbie’s swimsuits.