6 Reasons Why We Always Thought Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes’ Marriage Was Fake

tom cruise katie holmes fake marriage

Break-ups of marriages are really sad, except when they are bizarre shams. And it does seem like everyone agrees that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage was a massive sham, so we’re probably not taking this as seriously as we should. That’s fine – we need to use our energies to make sure Suri doesn’t get sent off to SeaOrg. But why do we feel that way about TomKat’s marriage, in particular? We don’t generally go around assuming very Hollywood movie is some sort of bizarre, contractually obligated affair. We’re not monsters! What lead up to all those contract jokes? Lets look back:


Pic via Reuters

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    • Goldie

      I have no idea what’s true or not in this drama but I have to admit this is the juiciest Hollywood story that’s made news in a while and I can’t get enough of it.

    • Maggie

      Not only does their chemistry seem completely unnatural but if you watch that old Oprah interview, just the way he is talking about her seems so strange and awkward.

    • A

      Plus, my best friend and I have always thought that Suri looked more like a cross between Katie Holmes and Chris Klein (who she was engaed to before Tom) then her and Tom Cruise.

    • Stacy

      The possessive of Holmes is Holmes’, not Holme’s. Can I write for you? I can punctuate correctly!

      • Plague

        Big deal.

    • Lisa Seville

      Having a child is a bit much for a fake marriage……I hope it didn’t start out that way. If it did with the lure of a better career than Katie would have to sue him for breach of contract because she probably would have done way better without him. It seems he was an energy sucking vampire to her.