Micaela Schaefer’s Rope Cone Bra: How Do You Feel?

German actress Micaela Schaefer wore the above rope cone bra to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, and we are wondering how you feel about it.

On the one hand, obviously it’s hideous. But on the other hand, it’s SO hideous that it’s kind of awesome. So ugly it’s cute. So absurd it just might make sense.

What do you think?

Photo by Eva Napp/WENN.com

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    • Vida

      Simply stunning! I was looking for an outfit for my next weekly office meeting and this is perfect. To make it a little more office appropriate, I’d add another braided row around each breast. I know, I know…I’m a bit of a prude! What I really love is the utilitarian function of the outfit. The granny “stay away from my vagina!” panties protect one’s modesty and are much more effective worn visibly rather than under a skirt or pants where the repellent effects can’t be transmitted. Also, I detect gentle tummy tucking panels in the panty for hiding the horrible bloat that can occur when one accidentally inhales too deeply. The lovely shoulder cones are excellent for keeping one’s handbags from slipping off of one’s shoulders as Micaela kindly demonstrates. I use public transportation to and from work and this solves the common problem of keeping my handbag from slipping as I hold on to a pole when standing on a bus or train. And when I shop for groceries after work, I can use the additional shoulder cone to keep my ecobag from slipping off of my other shoulder. The hip protectors are genius! They enhance the vagina protecting properties of the panties. While keeping the hordes on the aforementioned buses and trains from standing too close, men trying to shove their pelvises into one’s ladyhood can now get a crotchful of pointed rope cones jammed into their penises and testicles. One can now walk around anywhere in the world in complete safety, especially important for ladies traveling alone! The rope cone hat placed jauntily on the side of the head brings the outfit together and with the right rope cone shoes (I can only assume she’s wearing rope cone shoes) the outfit is complete. What’s best about this outfit is that any woman, of any size, can wear this. The stringed hip cone connectors (which can also be made of bungee cord material for even more protection while maintaining comfort) and the rest of the outfit are easily adjustable with more or less rope used to fit all proportions. It can be constructed in a wide variety of colors and textures to suite varying tastes, moods, and occasions. I think it might be a contender for “Best Dressed” on the next Fashion Police. Love, love, love this ensemble!