Learning To Cook Reluctantly: Are Ann Romney’s Cookies Better Than Michelle Obama’s?

I tried to keep everyone’s politics out of their decision by telling them that one version was the Obama recipe and one was the Romney one but otherwise not revealing anything.

And I tried to scatter them in a cookie tin. Like so:

Obama won. 6 to 4. Though I will say almost everyone thought that Romney’s seemed healthier. People love oats, I guess.

Personally, I liked Obama’s, too.

I also picked up one of the Obama cookies and looked beneath it. It revealed this stern but smiling face.

The face of God itself? Probably not. I would hope God has more features than that. And ears. I mean, I guess if God doesn’t have ears now there’s some manner of health care plan for that in America. But I’m going to take its small smile as a sign that Obama is going to win.

So, whatever your politics, call your bookie today and start laying money down on this election. We’ve got a winner already. A stern-smiling sort of winner. Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.

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