Perhaps You Should Kick Foundation From Your Summer Make-Up Bag, So You Can Avoid Looking Like A Greasy Chicken

I was out last night with a friend who always wears a full face of make-up. When I say full face, I mean all the way down to a thick foundation. I’ve never understood this because without it she has such great skin so it doesn’t make any sense. But yet she wears it all, and I don’t judge her because I love her and it’s her face and my mom says I have to quit dictating how others live their lives.

I’m not sure what’s going on temperature wise where you live, but here in the North East we are melting. And yes, I do mean that in a Wicked Witch of the West type of way in that we literally scream “I’m melting!” as we run down the streets melting away. As I sat there and looked at my friend, I could watch as her foundation was sliding off her face; I half expected it to start dripping off her chin before the night was over, but instead it just pooled quite bizarrely in the creases of her laugh lines around her mouth. Even she commented that she was such an idiot for thinking it was OK to wear so much make-up on a day where it was so hot that parts of your body you didn’t even know could sweat started to and you couldn’t help but feel somewhat violated by the humidity.

As one who doesn’t wear a full face of make-up and never do more than mascara and lipstick, I consider myself lucky that A) it doesn’t take me that long to get ready to leave the house; and B) I don’t have to live in fear of looking like a three-year-old took to my face with a variety of colorful markers by the end of the night. I’m not sure why a slightly powdered blotting facial tissue isn’t enough in this insanity of heat, but for some it’s just not. I’ve seen eyeliner melting on women in the streets lately; it’s nightmare and most of us look like a nightmare. It’s a wonder anyone gets laid in this city this time of year.

Can we talk about why anyone is wearing foundation and piles of eye make-up in this heat, please? Shouldn’t we be letting our skin breathe so as to prevent extra sweating?


Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

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    • lucygoosey74

      This heat is absolutely EVIL.
      In times like this, I only wear waterproof mascara and light gloss..looks be damned. Everyone is sweaty and looks like crap, so I don’t feel self concious. Also, ponytails and headbands..togather.

    • Payday

      I have dark spots and under eye circles so I need at least a tinted moisturizer :(

      • Aliclo

        Same here! I have to at least have my CG Smoother concealer stuff on them otherwise I get the dreaded: “Are you sick??” question.

        Lol I’m not sick it’s just damn hot out…

    • Anne

      And yet, if you visit any south European country, every single woman looks amazing in full make-up and blow dried hairdo’s. In awful temperatures. What do they know that we don’t?? It baffles me every time I visit there. Someone please, please enlighten me.

      • Phil

        Could it be the diet? GMO foods tinkering with our bodies?….The greenhouse effect?….maybe it’s the toxic chemicals in the cosmetics…. try by “trial and error “ different makeups with only natural ingredients?

        I never wear makeup…. I’m a guy…I’m 49, and have no gray hair, because, I changed to a mostly vegetarian diet years ago.

        I noticed it in the last few days; here in NYC; I have felt that way….like I’m melting,

        I just tried this morning to add some more electorates to my diet to see, if it helps.

        Stop drinking…. any and all… alcohol; because that dehydrates the body.

      • MM

        I’m pretty sure there’s no magic European secret. They’re just used to the warmer temperatures.

        Also in countries where they do the siesta, people aren’t out and about during the hottest hours of the day.

    • Autumn

      it’s 105 on a cool day in Dallas right now. 2 words…. Powder foundation. its the best you can do and it mostly just rubs off… but very light bronzer and any foundation that has some clay in it might help since clay is an anti-humectant….blush just makes you looked more red than you probably are so the only kind i would recommend is a pale one just barely pinker than your skin just enough to dull the red a little….and if you have bangs try to wear them pulled back

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    • Alle C

      Okay, so quick background: My skin is pretty good but not perfect. I have really dark undereye circles, some freckles (which I like) and some mild acne scarring (which I don’t). I get oily like nobody’s business. And I live in Chicago, where it’s been the hottest EVER since 1911. Plus humidity. Humidity is the worst.

      So believe me when I tell you that Smashbox BB Cream is AMAZING.

      It’s basically the missing link between tinted moisturiser and full-on foundation. It’s got a light primer, moisturiser (without making you feel greasy) and SPF. And it looks amazing all. Damn. Day. Doesn’t settle into things, doesn’t melt off. Just makes you look a little more perfect than normal.

      I realise this sounds like an ad but it really isn’t–I’m just super enthused about it.