Amy Poehler Just Made Me Cry With Her Makeup Advice For Tweens

Did you really need another reason to love Amy Poehler? Probably not, but you just got one.

On July 2nd, Poehler and friends launched the Smart Girls Channel on YouTube, that includes a video series called “Ask Amy,” in which young girls email Poehler with their questions. In the premiere episode below, Poehler gives advice to a 14-year-old girl who’s dying to wear makeup just like her friends, but her dad won’t let her.

Amy is so kind and sweet and reassuring and all those things that you would want your mentor or mom or older sister to be that you can’t help but get wrapped up in her supportive advice and, well, cry. I actually cried tears of joy that someone like Poehler has taken it upon herself to do such a cute and fun series for “tweens,” and because I love her so much! She’s comfortably laying on her stomach on her bed dolling out advice like she’s at a slumber party and the brownies are finishing up in the oven! It’s great!



Photo: YouTube

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    • Eileen

      She is the best. And this is the best advice.

      (Also, I kind of hope one of her sons ends up producing children with one of Tina Fey’s daughters. How great would those kids be??)

      • Amanda Chatel

        Those would be the greatest children in the history of the world.

    • Lo

      She sounds sensible and kind, but while watching the vid I suddenly heard from my inner fourteen-year-old. Right now, there is a sad little potato sack of a girl going, “My fourteen-year-old skin is not great. Do you have any idea how much makeup it would take to get me to ‘you’re so pretty you don’t even need it’?” The odd thing is that I didn’t even wear much makeup as a kid, and my parents didn’t pressure me either way.

      • Amy

        I agree, 14 is usually when your skin looks it’s crappiest – all those hormones plus stress from school, puberty, etc. I think the ‘negotiate’ advice was good.

        My Mum was always there to help me figure out make-up, although I was completely uninterested funnily enough – I no real concept of my appearance til ages past all the other kids got cool clothes and make-up! But if a kid is feeling low about how she looks I don’t think it hurts to have some natural low-key make-up. I understand the Dad not wanting his daughter to become overly sexualised at a young age, but there’s a happy medium I think.

    • Kat G

      I love Amy Poehler and I think her advice is great … however, the theme song jingle sounds like they are singing, rather joyfully, “SCA-BIES!” Or is that just me?

      • Lo

        “Ba ba ba ba ba bababa our scabies!”

    • Joe Camel

      She looks like she’s wearing a lot of makeup in this video. :(