Retro Snap: Do You Know What’s Unusual About This Photo?

les horribles cernettes

Beyond it being a terrible work of photoshop?

It was the first picture ever uploaded to the web. This. This picture. I think I genuinely imagined that picture would be Bill Gate’s face, or, I don’t know, perhaps a sun rising. But it was, in fact, Les Horrible Cernettes, a comedy band. The photograph was taken by Silvano de Gennaro, was an IT developer at CERN who worked near Tim Berners-Lee and the other scientists who had invented the Web and made it public in 1991. It was uploaded in 1992. In a weird bit of trivia, Gennaro took the picture because Tim Berners-Lee was was a pantomime in the Cernette’s amateur operatic society, where he dressed as a woman. So, crossdressing is the reason the first picture ended up on the Internet. I feel pretty good about this.

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    • Sean

      What’s with the disembodied wooden hand on the woman in the red dress?

    • Jessica

      My guess was going to be that a young Jennifer Aniston (in the sequins, of course) crashed some college dorm “fancy party.” Only she didn’t really do this, it was the handy work of the girl in red’s 13-year-old sister who took the picture off of facebook, found the Aniston picture, and to the best of her ability slopped together the image above.

      Boy is my face red.