Have We Talked About This Anna Karenina Trailer Yet?

Oh, my gosh, please, let’s talk about it.

1) Is there any other movie we can be as remotely excited about? I mean, Taken 2, obviously, but other than that.

2) I hear this all takes place on one set. How does that work? What about the horses? How are the horses all inside a theater?

3) Is that done to indicate that all of life is theater if you live in 19th century Russia? I believe that!

4) Is it weird seeing Jude Law play Anna’s cuckolded husband? I always imagine Jude Law cheating on Sienna Miller. Seriously, in my mind, that is always happening right now. I see Jude Law and think “why is he cheating on that spunky seeming Sienna Miller? Factory Girl was a movie that I personally enjoyed.” I cannot stop thinking this. Ever.

5) Horses!? What about TRAINS!? How can there be trains in a theater? That doesn’t even make any sense!

6) Do you think Keira Knightley will make a better Anna than Vivien Leigh? If you could put yourself in a mindset where you love Vivien Leigh to a stupid extent for this question, that would probably be helpful. You can also look at this picture:

anna karenina

7) Why don’t people waltz anymore? That is sad.


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    • Candace

      I just love Vivien too fucking much. She’s my spirit animal, for lack of eloquence.

    • Fabel

      Ugh, I do love Viven Leigh to a stupid extent, so my instinct is to say Kiera Knightly won’t come close.

    • Jaclyn

      I too, love Vivien Leigh to a stupid extent. Se left her husband and child for the dashing Mr. Olivier, so Anna Karenina was not a far stretch for her.

    • Lizzie


      1. TOLSTOY!
      2. JOE WRIGHT!
      4. JUDE LAW!

      Two questions:
      1. Why do mainstream movies set in ‘foreign’, non-English-speaking countries always have the characters speak in British accents, even if the actors aren’t always British? The one movie I can think of that didn’t do this was Amadeus.
      2. Did you know that Tolstoy hated Shakespeare and wrote rambling essays about how overrated and terrible he is? *Interesting fact*

      • Nancy

        Oh my god, I know! Everytime a blockbuster is set in western Europe, the characters have British accents. No matter if they’re in France or Italy or Switzerland. It drives me nuts!

      • Amy

        HAH! I always say this too.

        Ancient Sparta – British accents
        Nazi Germany – British accents
        French countryside – British accents

        I guess British counts as “European”

    • nicolediaznelson

      I seriously lost it when I saw this trailer, this is one of my favorite books and as much as I think keira knightley doesn’t look right and is too one-note, she freaking NAILS that aristocratic scandalous cross-class shizz, aka atonement is the best. And the whole lurid ostentatious spectacle vibe is so perfect.

    • Sara Wagner

      I watch trailers like this and am like, “Did I read the same book?” I mostly remember long discussions of peasant conditions and ladies going swimming in the river. I do not remember it being so dramatic, maybe because it took me several weeks to read instead of 30 seconds?

      On a different note, I bought Anna Karenina at a book sale and the clerk said, “Ha! You’ll never finish this book!” Only in central PA have so many people remarked that I’d never read the books that they see me currently reading. Weird? This include both the Republic and Infinite Jest.