Gallery: What Do You Think Of This Batman Themed Clothing Line For Grown Women?

In a bit of unexpected cross promo with The Dark Knight Rises, British design label Lazy Oaf is about to release a line of Batman themed clothing for grown-ups. Which makes me wonder: is it ever really possible to make “hip” clothing that takes itself seriously— as the numerous shots of a model wearing Batman clothes, doing editorial poses, and making sexyface would suggest—out of a movie based on a superhero comic? Maybe, maybe not. Peruse the photos and tell me what you think.

(Via ONTD)

Photos: Lazy Oaf

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    • Jennifer

      As a Batman devotee and an adult child who will never stop playing dress-up, I am a huge supporter of this endeavor. I. Am. Batman.

    • lmd2

      I think i would have been very interested in this in 1990!

    • Lindsay

      I was Batman for Halloween two years ago. So, yeah I’m still into Batman as an adult. I would wear the leggings all the time if they were made by Black Milk Clothing. Something is awkward about these leggings.


      The all-over design of the Batman logo on the tops look awful except for the last one where the model is wearing a mask.

      The best all-over design is the backpack.

      The half-shirt with the single Batman logo is not bad but I’m not sure whether this will work with the sleeve length.

      The smiley face top would work better if smaller because the logos are right on her chest.

      • Azula

        you probably think that because they are all womens clothing. lol

      • DeLighla

        not to forget to mention that he liked the ugliest shirt up there, this is why men should never shop or even look in women clothing, they have horrible taste

    • Azula

      I would be the happiest women in the world. I love batman and i am constantly looking for Batman themed clothing.

    • Azula

      everything i saw in those pictures i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!