Dolce & Gabbana Break A Record With All The Fainting At Their Most Recent Couture Show

For their very first couture show earlier this week, Dolce & Gabbana played it cool when it came to letting the media sneak a peak at their duds, but when it came to necessary drama, the 36-hour event definitely didn’t fall short.

The extremely tight guest list did not allow for the usually line up of photographers and editors, and instead focused on those who will actually be buying their haute couture items as opposed to critiquing them. The majority of the coveted spots on the list were reserved for a select group of buyers and couture customers, with magazine editors just invited sparingly. For those very few members of the media who were invited there were strict rules about no tweeting, filming, or any of the like. As Gabbana explained, “it’s not because of us, but the customers. They really do not want to see their dresses in a magazine.” Yes, the 80 or so elite and richest ladies from all over the world, who mostly traveled by private plane to attend, do not want the masses to be privy to the major purchases they made that weekend. Us lowly folk are not worthy!

The event, which took place in Sicily, started off with a performance of Bellini’s Bel Canto’s opera Norma, then was followed up by an after party. The actual runway show didn’t happen until the following day with a post-show dinner. Dolce & Gabbana did not disappoint their guests on entertainment, fashion, food or drinks. Where the disappointment did lay was with the insane heat that just kept climbing. By the time the entire escapade was over four people had fainted — a record for any fashion show. Two of Dolce & Gabbana’s atelier tailors fainted while trying to prep, one guest passed out during the opera by the orchestra pit, and the fourth apparently, fainted on the beach the following day.

This is not only a record for any fashion show, but it’s also the first time that one of the fainters was not a model. I wonder if this is something the Guinness Book of World Records would be interested in, or if that’s just silly talk. Either way, don’t expect to see any of those couture dresses in any magazine or store anytime soon. Like I said, us lowly folk are not worthy!



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    • Daria

      New collection is great, but it’s also worth mentioning what is going on beside this glamourous perfect world. Dolce and Gabbana opened recently a store in Kiev, Ukraine, in the shopping center Mandarin Plaza whose owner is a godfather of Russian mafia,Semion Mogilevich. It’s so sad to hear, that fashion is beginning to deal with criminals.

      • BarbyGirl

        I love the new collection. It scares me that such big fashion brand works together with the Criminals. I see that all the people know who is Mogilevich. And for bussines he does!!! Dolce and Gabbana be ashamed of it.

    • Tessa

      Dear Daria,

      It is actually top subject among me and my friends lately, we used to cooperate with Vogue italia. Now we discovered, that not only tax evasion is a problem for designers duo, but also this quite uncertain business. How such a designers could get into a deal with russian gangster Semion Mogilevich and open their flagstore in Mandarin Plaza???? What a stupid move it was.

      • CostaBravo

        Dear Tessa,
        I agree with you. It was very stupid move!!!!!

      • Candy

        What a shame for D&G!!! Working together with gangsters! Bad publicity for the brand, which has been used in other scandals

    • olivia mumuzili

      Totally agree with you guys. It is a scandal that Dolce and Gabbana are dealing with russian mafioso Semion Mogilevich in his Mandarin Plaza in Kiev and nobody reacts. I hope that the judges will take care of the tax evasion and use another arguments againsts these italian guys. Love their fashion, but once you play dirty you are beggining to lose a lot. I hope.

    • Nikita

      It so sad! Dolce and Gabbana want to make a big profit and so they are working with the mafia like Semion Mogilevich. Why not Ukraine and a “criminal” store Mandarin Plaza?

    • Lolita

      Yes… shame on you Domenico and Stefano. But they say, if you can not play fair, you play dirty, so why you open your store in a placed owned by a dangerous gangster? I was so happy to finally have opportunity of shopping DG pieces in my city, Kiev, but when my friends told me its gonna be in Mandarin plaza I got a bit scared! everybody knows who stays behing this shop in Kiev. Its Mogilevich, the guy searched by FBI since years.

    • domenica

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Dolce and Gabbana ??? What a scandal!