Now All The Actors Want To be Strippers: Jason Biggs Auditioned For ‘Magic Mike’

It has often been said that if men could make as much money stripping as women can, there would be lines out the door to audition. Well, apparently all those men saw the writing on the wall with “Magic Mike,” and jockeyed to be part of the film. Among them was Jason Biggs.

And really, who better to go out for stripping than the man that fucked an apple pie? No one. That’s who. Here’s his audition tape, released today on YouTube:

OK, so Jason Biggs can move! Well played, sir! But also, let’s state the obvious — if we’re being honest, the thing I feel most prominently upon watching this tape is that I am glad as fuck that I’m not an actor. Auditioning seems horrible.

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    • Carla

      Sitting in my box office, dying laughing while people mill about on the street in front of me. Best moment ever.

    • bosstr2012web

      hahahaha God this made me absolutely die. So funny.